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Save your Kid from Adenoid Surgery – Homeopathic Medicines are the Best Bet

Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

What are adenoids?

Adenoids refer to the mass of lymphatic tissue located at the junction of the back of the nose and throat. They are a part of the body’s immune system and play a major role in fighting infections in children.

What is their role in the body?

Adenoids help fight off the bacteria and virus that enter the body via the nose. They normally grow to 5-7years of age and thereafter, they start to shrink. They disappear around teenage. This is the physiological growth and regression of the adenoids. Adenoids are needed only until the child reaches his teenage years. By that time, the other immune system is mature enough to fight infections and disease. The adenoids, which are no longer needed, regress and disappear.

Why do adenoids get enlarged?

Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections and nasal allergies can cause adenoids to grow large. On the physical level, as soon as the germs enter via the nose, adenoids trap them and fight them down. In this process, the adenoids get temporarily swollen. With time, this swelling reduces and they come back to their original size. However, if the infections are recurrent, the adenoids, due to constant swelling, are unable to return to normal size and get permanently enlarged.

Why are enlarged adenoids a problem?

Enlarged adenoids are a problem because of many of the bothersome symptoms they lead to in a child. The major among these are breathing through the mouth and snoring due to nasal blockage. The children find it difficult to concentrate and feel drowsy and sleepy during the day. In their most severe form, enlarged adenoids cause sleep apnea where momentary pauses in breathing arise during sleep. Another complication with great discomfort associated with enlarged adenoids is ear infections and difficulties in hearing. In fact, persistently enlarged adenoids retard the overall development of the child.

Can Homeopathy treat enlarged adenoids?

Homeopathic medicines are a natural and safe alternative to surgery in children with enlarged adenoids. Adenoids, when surgically removed, have the tendency to regrow, it has been noted. Homeopathic medicines, on the other hand, are focussed on strengthening the child’s immune system. Once the immunity is strong, the child becomes less susceptible to recurrent respiratory infections. Once this key factor leading to enlarged adenoids is treated, the adenoids get the time to shrink and go back to their normal size.

Homeopathy treats adenoids in two phases. In the first phase, Homeopathic medicines treat the ongoing infection, which is recurrent and generally acute and has caused the condition in the present moment. In the second phase, these medicines build immunity to prevent chronic respiratory infections. Homeopathic medicines are safe and do not carry any adverse side effects. They treat the condition of enlarged adenoids in a very gentle and natural way. Homeopathic medicines that work wonders in treating enlarged adenoids include Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Agraphis Nutans, Tuberculinum and Merc Sol.

At what age are enlarged adenoids largely seen?

Adenoid enlargement is a problem affecting children. Children in the 3-10 year age-group are more vulnerable to this condition.

We all have adenoids, but do adenoids get enlarged in all of us too?

Adenoids are present in each and every child. They act as the first line of defence in the body along with tonsils. However, this does not mean that adenoids will get enlarged in every child. They will only get enlarged in case of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections. The tendency to catch an infection again and again puts the child at a greater risk for enlarged adenoids. The adenoids could get enlarged in varying degree, ranging from mild to moderate to severe.

How can I tell that my child has enlarged adenoids?

There is a set of symptoms that can collectively help you know if your child has enlarged adenoids. Persistent nasal blockage and mouth breathing is a major symptom. Other symptoms include snoring, sleep apnea (momentary pauses in breathing during sleep), nasal voice, dry mouth, offensive breath and enlarged glands in the neck. In addition to this, ear-related complaints such as deafness and ear infections may also arise. A history of recurrent tendency to upper respiratory tract infection is often found in such cases. These are the clinical symptoms that help diagnosis. An X-ray is, however, needed to confirm the diagnosis.

Would one need to conduct medical tests?

An X- ray of soft tissue neck is needed to confirm the diagnosis of enlarged adenoids.

My child has a persistently blocked nose, are enlarged adenoids to blame?

Blocked nose is a key feature of enlarged adenoids and is attended with symptoms like mouth breathing and snoring. However, nasal allergies and nasal polyps may also cause a blocked nose. So a diagnosis and X-ray of soft tissue neck are needed before enlarged adenoids can be established as the cause.

Can enlarged adenoids and enlarged tonsils appear at the same time?

Yes. Tonsils are located in the back of the throat, one on either side, and are a part of the child’s defence mechanism along with adenoids. Both adenoids and tonsils are masses of lymphoid tissue. There are high enough chances for both adenoids and tonsils to get enlarge at the same time.

Can enlarged adenoids lead to ear related issues?

Yes, enlarged adenoids can lead to ear related issues like deafness and recurrent ear infection. There is a canal of eustachian tubes that connects the throat to the middle ear. When the adenoids get enormously enlarged, they may block these eustachian tubes, leading to deafness or middle ear infection.

What are adenoid faces?

The term facies refers to a set of specific facial features in a person suffering from a particular disease. The typical set of facial features noted in a child having enlarged adenoids is known as adenoid facies. The features of adenoid facies include – long face, open mouth, high arched palate, prominent incisors, short upper lip and a pinched nose.

Do enlarged adenoids affect sleep?

Yes, enlarged adenoids affect sleep. Enlarged adenoids cause a blocked nose. The child starts to breathe through the mouth which causes snoring and sometimes disturbed sleep. Another complication is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea refers to momentary pauses in breathing while asleep. The duration of these breathing pauses may last from a few seconds to minutes. Sleep apnea leads to poor sleep, fatigue and difficulty in concentrating at school.

Can enlarged adenoids affect a child’s appetite?

Yes, enlarged adenoids do lead to poor appetite in children. A child having enlarged adenoids has a blocked nose and breathes through the mouth. Chewing and breathing at the same time are difficult, therefore these children avoid eating at all.

Can enlarged adenoids lead to poor growth in a child?

Yes, a child’s growth may be affected if he/she has enlarged adenoids. The retarded growth in such cases is attributed to two main factors – poor appetite leading to nutritional deficiencies and improper sleep. The growth hormone required in children is primarily secreted during sleep. A child who lacks sound sleep will have lower levels of this growth hormone and hence, suffer poor growth and development.

Our ENT specialist has advised adenoids surgery for my son. Is it wise to try Homeopathic medicines at this stage?

Yes it is. Why put the child through the trauma of surgery. Even though conventional medicine treats enlarged adenoids as a case for surgical intervention, proper Homeopathic medicines can treat the condition in a safe and natural way. Homeopathic medicines do not take very long to show positive results in some measure. How much they can help and how long they need to be taken depends on the severity of the condition.

Can adenoids grow back after surgery?

Yes, there is a fair chance they will. This is because even though the adenoids have been incised, the root cause behind their enlargement remains. Homeopathy first attacks and fixes this root cause – recurrent respiratory infections, for example – and then helps the adenoids shrink back to normal size.

FAQs —Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

Which are the most effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids?

The Homeopathic medicines that I have found extremely effective for treating enlarged adenoids are Baryta Carb, Agraphis Nutans and Kali Sulphuricum. Among these, Baryta Carb is very useful where there is a recurrent tendency to catch cold leading to enlarged adenoids. Homeopathic medicine Agraphis Nutans best applies in case of deafness resulting from enlarged adenoids. Kali Sulphuricum is mostly prescribed in cases where the adenoids grow back after surgery.

My child has enlarged adenoids with all the symptoms of a blocked nose and mouth breathing. Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicines Ammonium Carb and Sambucus Nigra show the best results in cases with classic symptoms of enlarged adenoids such as a blocked nose and mouth breathing. Such a child will usually have a deeply obstructed nose with the nasal blockage getting worse at night. Ammonium Carb is also the Homeopathic medicine to prescribe in case of nose bleeding (epistaxis) in enlarged adenoids cases. Nose bleeding is mainly observed when washing the face or on waking in the morning.

My child snores in his sleep due to enlarged adenoids. Can Homeopathic medicines treat this condition?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can treat snoring due to enlarged adenoids. In fact, Opium and China Officinalis are the most effective Homeopathic medicines for this condition. Homeopathic medicine Opium is considered in case of deep snoring with rattled breathing during sleep. China Officinalis is more useful when the child snores at night and is very drowsy and sleepy during the day.

My son underwent surgery for adenoids and now they’re back. Which Homeopathic medicine would you advise?

Kali Sulphuricum is the most prominently used Homeopathic medicine to check regrowth of adenoids post surgery. This Homeopathic medicines treats the disease at the level of the repeated infections that are causing the adenoids to become enlarged and in time, helps the adenoids shrink back to their original size. There is no need to snip at them at all. Homeopathic medicines present a natural, safe, trauma-free alternative for your child.

What are the Homeopathic medicines to take for ear related complaints due to enlarged adenoids?

Agraphis Nutans and Merc Sol are two major Homeopathic medicines for treating complaints related to the ear in children with enlarged adenoids. Agraphis Nutans shows remarkable recovery where deafness results from enlarged adenoids. In case of an ear infection in a child as a result of enlarged adenoids, Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol works wonders.

My child suffers both enlarged tonsils and adenoids. How can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathic medicines Baryta Carb and Calcarea Carb are significant Homeopathic medicines for treating cases where both tonsils and adenoids are enlarged. A child who needs this prescription will have a tendency to catch cold very frequently, with the slightest change in weather.

Which Homeopathic medicines do you prescribe to stop recurrent infections in children with adenoids?

Tuberculinum and Psorinum are two big names among Homeopathic medicines to treat recurrent infections that cause adenoids to enlarge in children. They work to strengthen the body’s immune system, which in turn makes the child less susceptible to infections.

Homeopathic Medicines for Enlarged Adenoids

Baryta Carb – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for enlarged adenoids

Baryta Carb is one of the top listed Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. It is also the medicine to prescribe where both the tonsils and adenoids are enlarged. The child feels sensitivity to cold in extremes. The slightest exposure to cold air causes cough. Cough also appears at the slightest change in weather. Sneezing and thick yellow nasal discharge may also be seen. Pain in the throat worsens on swallowing. The mouth gives off an offensive odour. The child may be physically dull and sluggish. Offensive sweat in the feet is an attending symptom.

Calcarea Carb – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for enlarged adenoids with tendency to catch cold

Calcarea Carb is another wonderful Homeopathic medicine for enlarged adenoids with a tendency to catch cold. Calcarea Carb will be prescribed where the child is highly susceptible to cold and falls sick after every such exposure. This chronic tendency to infections results in enlarged adenoids or tonsils. Such children also tend to perspire excessively on the scalp and have a fatty, flabby constitution. He/she may also be highly irritable and obstinate. A desire for indigestible things like chalk, clay, lime is observed in such cases.

Agraphis Nutans And Merc Sol – Best Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with ear complaints

Agraphis Nutans and Merc Sol are very useful Homeopathic medicines for treating ear complaints resulting from enlarged adenoids. Agraphis Nutans is the best treatment for deafness due to enlarged adenoids. Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is well indicated in case of an ear infection associated with enlarged adenoids. Pus-like, thick, yellow, sometimes blood tinged watery discharge from the ear is observed in such cases. The discharge may be fetid or offensive in nature. Pain in the ear may be present. Ear complaints worsen during the night. Noises like whistling sounds may be heard along with the ear infection.

Kali Sulphuricum – Prominently indicated Homeopathic medicine for adenoids that regrow after surgery

Kali Sulphuricum is one amongst the top listed Homeopathic medicines for adenoids that regrow after surgery. The symptoms guiding use of Kali Sulphuricum are a blocked nose, mouth breathing and snoring. Yellow coloured nasal discharge may be observed.

Ammonium Carb and Sambucus Nigra – Remarkable Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids with marked nasal blockage

Ammonium Carb and Sambucus Nigra are greatly beneficial Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. A child that needs these medicines will have intense nasal blockage. The nasal obstruction is most marked at night. Mouth breathing due to a blocked nose is pronounced. Ammonium Carb is also indicated for nose bleeding, especially in the morning.

Opium and China Officinalis – Effective Homeopathic medicines for snoring due to enlarged adenoids

Opium ad China Officinalis are well indicated Homeopathic medicines for snoring from enlarged adenoids. Opium is used in case of deep snoring with rattling, stertorous breathing. Frequent momentary pauses in breathing while sleeping may be noted. Homeopathic medicine China Officinalis is considered where there is heavy snoring with moaning and whining in sleep. The child has disturbed sleep and wakes up unrefreshed in the morning. He feels sleepy and excessively drowsy during the day.

Tuberculinum and Psorinum – Homeopathic medicines for treating recurrent infections causing enlarged adenoids

Tuberculinum and Psorinum are very effective Homeopathic medicines to help build a child’s immunity so he does not catch infections repeatedly. Such children are very sensitive to weather changes susceptible to infections. They frequently suffer from sore throats, colds and upper respiratory tract infections. These medicines are given in the chronic phase of Homeopathic treatment when no active infection is present. They strengthen the body’s immune system. It deserves mention here that Tuberculinum and Psorinum are the medicines a Homeopath prescribes when the most well selected medicines for enlarged adenoids fail to show results. These medicines are know to show remarkable recovery in such cases.


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  7. Hi Dr Sharma, my 5 year-old son is having adenoids enlargement and middle ear infections, it has lasted for 2.5 years. According to the report of his x-ray, the enlargement of the adenoids is about 50% of the air way. What should I do to help to improve his condition without surgery? Thank you.

  8. Ruben Ibas says:

    Hi Doc my son is 3yrs old and confirm had adenoids enlargement the ent doctor advice for surgery but I am thinking that tiny body of my child so I have hesitated to this operation so as I observe my child he is active even his weight is under for his age but he is playful and easily memories something if we will teach him so lately I think he experiences a short breath again that lead him to wake up. What should I do, I don’t want surgery. Hope I can have reply from you.

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    I am not comfortable for her to under surgery in this young age.

    I have read above article but need advice on where to buy such medicine and if there is any trustworthy homeopathy doctor in Sydney Australia, i can see.

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    My child has adenoids enlargement his age is 11 yrs. I have been visited doctor they suggested me for surgery. I couldn’t take that step further. My child has restless sleep his noise bleeds when he has eretation in noise. I want go with homeo treatment so please can u send me the medicine online for the same or give me near branch of homeo centre in Hyderabad where i stay.


    • Sir,
      My child has adenoids enlargement his age is 5 and a half yrs. I have been visited doctor they suggested me for surgery. I couldn’t take that step further. My child has restless sleep his noise bleeds when he has eretation in noise. I want go with homeo treatment so please can u send me the medicine online for the same or give me near branch of homeo centre in Hyderabad where i stay.


  11. Hi there, I have a 6 yr old boy who has terrible nasal congestion and blockage. He is a terrible sleeper, stops breathing and never wakes up feeling refreshed. He was referred to an ENT specialist who said he needs his tonsils and adenoids taken out. They said on a scale from 1–4 4 being very enlaged, my son was a 4+. They wanted me to book the surgery on the spot. He never has infections in his tonsils/throat.

  12. Harithasa M says:

    My two sons having adenoid problem, ENT Doctors suggested to go for surgery. We approached Homeopathy doctor for medicine. Past four years he is giving medicine for this problem. Still the problem is continuing. They take breath from mouth while sleeping and disturbed sleep, weight loss, less growth. Please suggest medicine to my kids.

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  15. My daughter is 7 turning 8 next month. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed when she was 5 with no change. She has severe sleep apnea, unable to breathe through her nose. She has a chronically stuffy nose with a lot of nasal discharge. Her speech is affected. The ent at sick children’s hospital suggested doing another surgery to remove her adenoids again as she said they grew back. I want to avoid going through another surgery at any cost.

    Can you recommend one or two of the most effective homeopathic medicines for her and the dose. She weights 55lbs.



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  17. My son is affected by enlarged adinoid blocked nose mouth breathing at 2a.m to 6 a.m At the time he did not sleep and wake up and crying.This problem is only cooling climate moreover he loses his weight.

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  19. Dr.Sharma,
    My son is 4 years old. He has had trouble since he was 8 months old. When he was a baby during his cold sickness he could not breathe and he started ear problems including a mild brown liquid coming from both his ears and severely from the right ear.
    Now he is 4 years old and during the day he breathes through his mouth. And at night his sleep is disturbed he snores and even sometimes chokes then wakes up. I have to watch him over all night to make sure to prevent sleep apnea. He also wets the bed and has poor appetite. What should i do? I don’t want to get him to have surgery. Please help.
    Thank you.

  20. My grandson is 9 months old and has enlarged
    Adenoids and tonsils. The doc said a steroid breathing
    Apparatus may help. That terrifies me. What can we do to help the baby breathe better

  21. Miriam Walker says:

    Help, my child have her adonied removed three years ago and it came back. She has very high foul order from the mouth and nose could this be the cause? I’m very concerned.

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  23. Dr refer my child for removal of adenoids he is 7 years old do you have any homeopathic medicine for this to avoid surgery

  24. Dina Kassem says:

    My son was diagnosed with +3 size tonsils. He is 3.5 years old. Does not snore. Mouth breathes. No complications or infections. His doctor recommended surgery. Was suggested to give him agraphis 30c …Any advice ?

  25. Hello Doctor,
    My child just celebrated his 2nd birthday. Since 1 year and possibly a bit more, he is suffering of enlarged adenoids and shortness of breath during the nights. He is a good boy and is growing cognitively and physically well. Nonetheless, we are concerned that his condition is not passing
    We went to two Homeopaths that treated him for 2 months each with only partial success. We are now on a chinese acupuncture treatment that also shows only a partial solution. needless to say, the conventional doctors recommend surger..

    With the other Homeo doctors, they concluded he is a Calc Carb type and also gave several other remedies. I also observed Pulsatilla made kind of a magic stopping all symptoms for one day but it seemed unnatural and also his mood totally swong.

    I would appreciate your sincere opinion.

    Thanks alot.

  26. Hi Dr Sharma
    My 8year old boy has swollen adenoids and swollen tonsils which cause sinus infections very often and ear infections arist with asthma. The ENT states he needs surgery but I prefer to try to find an easier solution. Can you tell me what he should take, how much and fur how long? Thank you

    • Hi Sharma,

      My son has 3 years old. He has enlarged adenoids.

      Doctor suggested for surger. With out surgery is to possible to cure this. If i go for homeopahty how many days to reduce. Please help me your guidence.

      • Dr refer my child for removal of adenoids he is 7 years old do you have any homeopathic medicine for this to avoid surgery

  27. Hello doctor my daughter have tonsil ND adeniod. She 5 yrs old. The doctor said starting stage no need to operation. But still she have cough ND snoring. It will be cure medicine without surgery. Pls suggest me. I m n Chennai. Can u give me ur clinic address

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  29. Dear Doctor Sharma

    I apologize for wasting your precious time. Even though I’ve been reading your description for hours, I’m still confused about to which medicine would be the most adequate for my problem.
    ’s not sensitive to cold weather or moisture, I can easily do jala neti without problem. I’ve never had a problem with my other tonsils except the nasal one. On the other hand, it is sensitive to the smoke of cigarettes and of incenses and after I have to inspire these I usually smell smoke for hours or days. Similarly, after consuming dairy products, my tonsil is somewhat larger.
    Sometimes I feel a bit clogged in my ears but it does not cause hearing loss, however it usually causes a stronger and orange coloured discharge from the left or the right ear canal.
    28 years ago I had my nasal tonsil removed when I was 7 because it frequently caused ear inflammation.
    Over time, a nasal polip also appeared in the left nostril and sometimes I feel slight irritation in the passage between the nasal and facial cavities.

    I would be very grateful if you could help me with your esteemed advice on which homeopathic medicines I should choose for my chronic nasal tonsil problem and for the nasal polip.

    Yours faithfully

    Oliver T.

  30. Anaeto Nneka C says:

    Hi Doctor, my daughter is 3yrs and she can’t hear and speak she did CT brain and EEG scan which shows that she had enlarged Adenoids with mild nasopharyngeal airway obstruction.ENT doctor from LUTH suggest a surgery for her please sir am afraid for the surgery advise me on the best medication for her. Thanks and remain blessed.

  31. Thank you for the very informative article. I have learned so much and am desperate to avoid surgery. Can you please help me.
    get started. What potency and frequency do you suggest to start the remedies? Should I use two remedies at once if there are more than one complaint? My son has deafness (agraphis nutans) and snoring waking unrested (opium or china) foul mouth smell and swollen glands in the neck near the jaw(baryta carb)
    Should I start with just one remedy or take them all? And what potency 30C and what frequency, how many times per day?

  32. Sir my daughter is 9 year old ,she has been suffering from enlarged tonsils and adenoids from last 3 years ,she has sleep apnea ,she is going too much weight about 41 kg and swelling from abdomen and face..she has deficiency of vitamin D too and feeling pain in legs and arms ….she ..
    Over sweat come from her palm and she feel uncomfortable in writing

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  34. Does adenoids cause frequent headaches and nose bleeding?

  35. Carlyn LaCaze says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Hello and thank you for your time. My 4 year old has continual fluid behind his ear drums, enlarged adenoids and tonsils. He keeps having ear infections every 2-3 months. He had sudden infection and ruptured ear drums 2 weeks ago. How can I get these adenoids to reduce inflammation and his Eustachian tubes to drain? The ears look like there is still fluid in behind ear drum with yellow pus and bubbles. I permitted antibiotic ear drops because I was afraid from his ear rupturing. I know oral antibiotics are not a solution even though the pediatrician doesn’t agree. We have garlic olive oil, tea tree, calendula drops and I am about to start colloidal silver nasal spray. I tried Hepar Sulph 30c every 6 hours for a few days it didn’t seem to be effective. Thank you so much for your time!

  36. zia medical center says:

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  37. Hi my name s shakira. My daughter 5 years old. She have tonsil nd adenoids . Doctor said need to remove. I m very scare about surgery. So pls can u help me without surgery cure tonsil nd adeniods





  39. Arshadullah Mohammed says:

    Dear Doctor
    My son 10 years old has enlarged adenoids issues since 3 years, he has recurrently tonsillitis issues and doctor prescribe antibiotic and anti- allergy regularily due to fever associated with throat pain
    His nose is always flowing specially when he starts eating. He cannot eat slightly spicy food as his nose is starts watery flowing
    His sleep is discomfort and keeps twisting in sleep
    Though he never complained ear issues
    Doctors did X ray and report says slightly growth in adenoids and may need surgery
    He face repeated throat infection with fever any slight exposure to dust, sneaze continuously
    Please prescribe him medicine
    Can Byrata Carb be solution for his issue

    Saudi Arabia


      DR. SHARMA,



  40. Hi
    My daughter is 5 and last year she did an xray and results came back stating that her andenoids are not big but not small either. We then saw an ENT doctor to assess her. The doctor did not recommend surgery to remove her adenoids. My daughter nose is always alwats running. She breaths fom her mouth and sometimes i feel her speech is delayed. I need something to help her nose to stop running

  41. Achadu Abah says:

    This message is of a great help to me though am yet to get the drugs yet. As my daughter have a reoccurrent Adenoid hypertrophy for more than a year now and she is three years old now. Please i need more help on how to get the hemeopathic drugs and it application

  42. Hello!

    What would you recommend for enlarged tonsils? Thank uou!

  43. Marianna Zargarian says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    my daughter had fluid in her ears at 4 years old and had surgery to have tubes put it. Fast forward a year and the tubes are out but a lot of fluid remains in her ear and her ENT believes her adenoids are swollen and she needs surgery to remove her adenoids and place tubes in again. She breathes through her mouth, has a nasal voice, is a fall risk due to balance issues. what would you suggest? Thank you.

  44. Nidhin elias says:

    My child have 2month before she have pneumonia, now she have adenoditis (night time sound during sleep and open mouth). Every 3 month she have infection what tondo sir

  45. Hello Dr Vikas,

    My child has enlarged adenoids, she is 3 yrs old, we had two X rays done and the ENT specialist is suggesting removal of Adenoids. During the night she breathes open mouth and feels like she chokes in between some time. She wakes up in the middle of the night also. She gets ear infection very easily. During day time she does not breathes through the mouth, just during the night only. Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine?

  46. SoniaV Jain says:

    Hello Dr.

    My Daughter is suffering from enlarged adenoids and is having ear problems- ear itching, hearing problem, infection.
    She is overweight and is not able to do much physical exercises.
    She sometimes snores.
    ENT has suggested to remove the adenoids through surgery as it can damage her ear drums as the adenoids are severly swollen.Please suggest if homeopathy can do any wonder and save her from surgery.

  47. Dear Dr Sharma

    i have a four year daughter with reccurent nose infection that lead to ear and chest infection, horible cough with mucus especially at night. the ENT doctor said she has enlarge adenois and needs surgury. Around 12 o clock she starts coughing until she vomits 2-3 times. we took any medicine involved but its not working.decatron, antibiotics, nose sprays etc
    As a child she is very very talkative and hyper during the day, she is very picky with her food.
    please reply to us so we can avoid surgery.

  48. Dharam Prakash Dhyani says:

    My son is 4 year old he has 70% blockage due to adenoids enlargement doctor said for operation he snores at night and mouth breathing and water in ear please suggest me some homeopathy medicine to avoid operation and time of course

  49. Pramod Kumar says:

    My child is 8 years old. He is suffering from the sleep apnea.
    He breathes through mouth and diffculty in breathing. In x ray it was found that adenoid is very large. Also he is facing mild hearing problem which bas been also detected in test.In blood test very high allergy detected. Also vitamin D is less than normal value.He has very poor growth and lack of appetite.
    I have tried homeopathy medicine but not able to find the solution, allopathic doctors suggested for surgery.
    I am confused as I do not want surgery route but homeopathy also does not help.
    Kindly advise.

  50. kalpesh patel says:

    sir my promlem for piles and no visit docotor.dailly three time morning toilet after 30 minute and pain no blood. so please sir u answer and tablet and tablet use time for day.

  51. Dr. Sharma, I am desperate for my daughter. We’ve tried homeopathics in the past for her and it hasn’t seemed to help. Is there a certain way to take them? We just randomly took the pills several times a day. They seem like nothing, but I know they can be effective.
    She has trouble breathing through her nose, mouth breaths, snores and just affects every aspect of her life and the lives of our family. We are quite miserable. She’s almost 12. This seems to have been going on off and on for 5 years. Please help!

    • Nisha pahal says:

      Sir… my son is suffering from last one and a half year due to enlarged adenoids… i have been consulting homeopath from around eight month not even slightslest of difference have been noticed since then… pls advice what can be done… he has stuffed nose all the time and trouble breathing while sleeping… he breaths through his mouth… m in a very bad situations… nasal steroid spray causing him rashes… i cant see him like this…

  52. My daughter has 1 1/2 yrs she has suffering from blocked nose and breathing through mouth Ent specialist suggest xray for adenoids bt she do not take is it’s adenoids and homio is bst treatment for adenoids pls give me answer

  53. Parveen or.Monga says:

    My son is suffered by adenoids .Is there any solution of adenoids without any surgery .What should I do

  54. Alena Hammond says:

    My son has bery large adenoids and tonsils. he snores at nights, moans as he sleeps, has sleep apmea, mouth breaths and has recurring 8nfe tions, has sweaty feet and scalp. He is thin and lengthy. We want to escape the surgery. what homeopathic medicine can we try and how t9 properly administer the medicine?

  55. Ashitosh kumar says:

    Good evening doctor…
    My daughter is 6 yrs old.. she suffers from frequent tonsilitis and enlarged adenoid problem. She snoars during sleep.. breathes from mouth..
    She also has a congenital heart problem…
    Is homeopathy treatment for tonsils and adenoids safe in her case? If yes, please suggest some medicines…

    Thank you..

  56. Shailendra says:

    Can enlarged adenoids present from from birth..

  57. Madhusudan K. says:

    I want best treatment for paranoid for my 10 yrs old son. I stay in Dilshad, Delhi 110095.

  58. nice dr sahib a good advice weldone and keep it up

  59. My daughter has Adenoid problem
    I m at Jammu can we get medicine by post

  60. Muhammad Hussain says:

    My son is 7 years old and he is suffering from enlarged tonsils and adenoids since he was 2. Currently he is taking R84, Lemna Minor 200 and Thuja Occ 200 for nasal polip.
    Could you please prescribe him some homeo medicine for his enlarged adenoids and tonsils.

  61. Hello and thank you. My 5 year old child has enlarged adenoids and tonsils, mouth breaths, snores, has sleep apnea, sometimes has white mucus in large amounts, and seems to have allergies. Which remedy do you suggest?

  62. Erica Thibodeaux says:

    Hello and thank you. My 5 year old child has enlarged adenoids and tonsils, mouth breaths, snores, has sleep apnea, sometimes has white mucus in large amounts, and seems to have allergies. Which remedy do you suggest?

  63. Hi, Dr.
    I am in Riyadh KSA.
    My son is 19 months of age now. As per ENT he has enlarge adenoids and needs surgery. He has blocked nose most of time and snoring in night. Please recommend some medicine.
    one eye of my son has water in eye and sticky in morning. Please also recommend some medicine for eye.


  64. Meghna Shambharkar says:

    I’m from Chicago, IL , USA , how can I buy calcarea carb 30 homeopathy medicine ?

  65. Mariana Opolot says:

    Dea Dr, My son of 1year and 3month has all the symptoms of breathing in the mouth,snoring,poor appetite and sleep apnea.What kind of treatment can u prescribe for him?

  66. Sheikh Talib says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My son is 6 years old . He has enlarged adenoids. He takes breath through mouth during sleep.His growth is also not well. I consult an ENT Dr. He suggest him for a surgery . Is there any treatment through which he can avoid surgery. Please give me suggestion.

  67. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am writing to you concerning my 6 years old son.
    He has always constantly got a blocked nose and suffers from sneezing too much when his hayfever is high. I think he has enlarged adenoids. I booked him an appointment at the doctors and they might refer to hospital for specialist consultation. How can I avoid him to have any surgery or what is best solution for him.

    Kind Regards

  68. Rahul sINGH says:

    My son has swollen adenoids which is thest homeopathic medicine for avoiding surgery

  69. Olufemi Adeola says:

    My son is 2.6yrs old. He is suffering from enlarged adenoid. He is snoring a lot and also not getting proper sleep. Although doctor advised me to remove adenoid but i want to try Homeopathy. I live in Abuja, Nigeria. Pls how can I get the medicine, I think the Opium or Ammonium carb.

  70. Y Bhaskara Rao says:

    Hi Doctor , my grandson aged 3years old was diagnosed with tonsillitis and adenoids, he is frequently suffering from cold and fever, looks week, he eats very less but he is very active, he will be quite only when he is sleeping. His weight is 13.5 mga. His voice is hoarse. He is very active and intelligent. Please suggest a good homeo medicine and help the boy to grow normally. Thanks and regards

  71. Godishala suraj says:

    Namaste sir,
    My son 5years old is suffering from adenoids .our Ent specialist suggested us gothrough surgery but we are using homeopathy medicines course since 5 days .he is not question will it leads to any depression in long will take my child to cure .my child height and weight growth are very poor will the growth recovers . It will be grateful sir if u advise us.

  72. Abdun Noor Tusher says:

    my child suffer both enlarged tonsils and adenoids. How can Homeopathy help?

  73. Hi Dr.
    My 2 1/2 year old has severe sleep apnea due to large tonsils and adenoids. Every ENT we go to says we must do surgery mainly due to the sleep apnea and the constant runny nose and nasal speech. They do not seem to be infected but possibly just her anatomy. I really do not want to put her through the surgery if it can be avoided. Any recommendations for her?

    Thank you in advance.

  74. Hi Dr.
    My Granddaughter has very large tonsils and he’s had recurring nasal infections at the age of 2-4. She Snores very loud and Frequently stops breathing several time with Foamy saliva. This all happens within the first 2 Hours of sleep Elevated and Reposition of her Body nothing works. Even Allergy Meds don’t Work. Also I noticed she breaths through her mouth and or her mouth is Mostly open for Air.
    I was Exactly the same was i was a child and still Have these Symptoms. All my life I Sounded like I have a stuffy nose and a Cold, Very Embarrassing.
    How can my Granddaughter and I finally get some Real Honset help that will free us of all these Issues for Good ?.

  75. Hi Dr. Sharma, my 4 year old son has trouble breathing at night. He snores and breathes through his mouth. Since it is summer I am suspecting he is having allergies as well. When he blows his nose there is nasal discharge pale green color. He is unable to sleep without making the loud snoring sound. I tried elevating his head by means of pillows etc but it is not helping at all. When we went to doctor earlier they were mentioning that his adenoids are enlarged. What will be a good medicine for his enlarged adenoids and his allergy aggravated breathing issues at night ? Please let me know when you get a chance. I really appreciate your reply.

  76. Shelly singh says:

    Hello, My daughter is 19 months old, petite weighs only 21 pounds. She is keep getting periodic fever with redness in throat. Her strep test alwaus comes back negative. Dr. thinks she is getting it because of tonsillitis. They dont think adenoids are the problem as of now. They do recommend surgery if it happens a few more times. I am tired of seeing her in high temperatures. Hate to give her tylenol ans motrin so much. She has no appetite when she gets it. Can you help.

  77. Bec James says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my 6yo son has been snoring for at least a year. He also moans in his sleep and grinds his teeth. He also has a chronic blocked nose with yellow discharge but he refuses to blow his nose as he says it hurts to do so. He sounds very nasal and often has the tv loud so he can hear it. Tonsils are swollen without infection. He is a fussy eater and losing weight and has never been a chubby child. Dr would like him to see an ENT for removal of tonsils and adenoids. I would prefer to treat naturally. I am not sure which remedy would be best for him, could you please help?

  78. My son is 2.6yrs old. He is suffering from enlarged adenoid. He is snoring a lot and also not getting proper sleep. Allopathy doctor advised me to remove adenoid soon. But I wanted to try Homeopathy before removing. I live in Bangalore. Pls advise

  79. Shalu Tyagi says:

    My 8 year old son suffering from enlarged adenoids n tonsils .he does mouth breathing..I also gave him many homeopathic medicines prescribed by homeopathic Drs. But no use
    .Now I want to opt for surgery as it seems the only cure

    • sir,
      my son have adenoids problem.please suggest best medicine and how much take (mg dose)in homeopathy.

  80. Emmanuela says:

    My child is two years old and has enlarge adenoid and tonsils. The doctor suggested surgery but I don’t want him to go through the surgery, pls were can I get the homeopathy medicine? I base in Nigeria.

  81. Aslam Ali says:

    Increased soft tissue density in the posterior nasophyryngeal wall.Can you help me for my child, his age seven years.

    • Aslam Ali says:

      Increased soft tissue density in the posterior nasophyryngeal wall.Can you help me for my child, his age seven years. He has been suffering cold and ear problem. What can I do for it?

  82. Hi baby 5 years old she having enlarge adnoied.she snoring while sleeping ..she catching easy cold mostly …what medicine should I go

  83. Raju Erpani says:

    Dear sir
    My child is having enlarged tonsils and adenoids .and visited so many allopathy doctors and no result..finally one doctor suggested for surgery….my boy is 4 years it right time to take him for surgery? pls suggest me for homeo medicines which are give permenant relief from tonsils and adenoids.

  84. Can homeopathy help my 3year old whose speech is affected as a result of enlarge adeniod? If yes, which is recommended?

  85. Hello sir,
    How long is the treatment of a 4 years child suffering from tonsillitis in homeopathy


  86. Mrs. Amita Bhatt says:

    Hello Mr. sharma,
    My son is 14 years of age.. Suffering from allergic bronchitis since the age of 5years…he suffers from recurrent tonsil n adenoid inflammation n enlargement…. Since then he had been relying on ayurvedic medication… Bt recently he started frequent nose bleeds… So I stopped those thinking.. They might be too warm…. Consequently his cold n cough attacks increased all d more… N his adenoid enlargement n inflammation has become really severe… He snores very badly to d extent of disturbed sleep… Ent specialist has suggested adenoid n tonsil removal….. Which I don’t want at any cost… Please help.

  87. Ratheesh says:

    Dear Dr.

    My daughter was suffering from adenoid for 6 months, by 2017 beginning we were identified the adenoid and consulted an allopathic Dr in UAE and Dr gave some medicine for 15 days after she was fine till 2017 end. 2018 Jan onwards the cold climate started in UAE after adenoid started again and it continues.

    by homeopathy is it possible to cure my child adenoid issue.

    now she is 4 years and 8 moths.

  88. Marlene Tina says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    Please help me. I have a 6 year old little girl that suffers from enlarged tonsils and adenoids only in the winter months. I’ve been to a couple of homeopathic doctors and they have given her Tuberculinim, Calc Carb, Baryta Carb, Merc Sol, Silica but no luck. There was a time when she responded to Phosphorus but that stopped working and she also responded to Sulphur and Carcinosin but the response was short lived as well. She tends to catch colds very easily. She is a very outgoing little girl, friendly, happy but sometimes mischievous like many little ones can be. From your post above, Opium seems like a good remedy as it describes her current state that is dominant in this situation because she has frequent momentary pauses in breathing and deep snoring with rattling. I believe that she just got over a bout of tonsillitis that I treated with goldenseal, sovereign silver, and vitamins. Please help me because she is struggling so badly to breathe while she’s sleeping and this has been going on for about 3 years and I don’t want her to have surgery. Can I treat this acutely right now and find a constitutional remedy later?

  89. Swelling in glands show on child cheek

  90. Gloria Guerra says:

    My 22 month toddle snores very loud and he always have a strong fishy breath smell. He usually breathes through his mouth and is very susceptible to a whether change, it looks like he always sick. He eats good but he is not gaining weight. What should I do? His pediatrician said that is normal his recurrent ear infections.

  91. AD Parker says:

    Good Day Dr. Sharma,

    My son’s ENT has recommended Adenoid surgery. My son is 7 years old. His primary symptom is nasal blockage and chronic nose run. He also frequently develops a dry constant cough from post-drip. The cough makes it difficult for him to sleep and engage in activities during the day.

    We’ve use sinus rinse daily to irrigate the mucus but that does not render any long lasting relief.

    Please advise which homeopathic treatments you recommend for nasal blockage and chronic cough.

    Thank you!

  92. Naveen Bhatt says:

    Hello doctor, my baby is 3yrs old. 3 months ago he suffered from cold cough and ear pain, when not cure easily we went to doctor where Doctor tested ASSR and said he has bilateral moderate hearing loss the cause is adenoids

  93. Sumeet kochhar says:

    My daughter has been detected from adenoids last year July 2017
    She will be 6 in July 2018
    She has frequent cold and cough and taking antibiotics after every 1.5 months
    This March she complained of hear loss with no ear pain and we have shown to ENT after taking medicine she was ok
    in April she start complaining of ear pain
    We are taking homeopathy medicine also since last 6 months but no improvement seen
    Kindly advice us.

  94. Jennifer Chadwell says:

    My daughter had what the dr. Said was strep throat. They never tested her but tonsils were so big and had the spots so they prescribed an antibiotic in a few days she was way worse so they prescribed a stronger antibiotic and a steroid. In 5 days she broke out in a rash they said she was allergic to it so they took her off and prescribed another steroid she was so swollen she couldn’t talk or hardly swallow. It has been almost a month her tonsil swelling went down but she still has a hard time talking she can breathe through her nose but still makes a weird breathing sound and runs out of breath she sounds nasally and when she drinks liquids it comes out her nose so she plugs her nose to swallow they want to prescribe another antibiotics I hate antibiotics but not sure what to I feel like if I take her to ENT they’ll want to take adenoids out. My husband keeps saying it’ll get better but I’m worried. She is 11 and it’s been a month since this all started. Hoping you can help thanks jen

  95. Hi,
    My daughter has seen an ENT doctor and they want to remove her adenoids. She had a scope in her nose it was confirmed that they are very enlarged. She snores loudly at night, breathes through her mouth and has nasal congestion. She is 5 years old. She appears well rested but has been more impatient than which is unlike herself and it is concerning to me. Please help in suggesting which medicine she can take and where I can buy it!Is it available in UAE. Thank you

  96. Hi,
    My daughter has seen an ENT doctor and they want to remove her adenoids. She had a scope in her nose it was confirmed that they are very enlarged. She snores loudly at night, breathes through her mouth and has nasal congestion. She is 4.5 years old. She appears well rested but has been more impatient than which is unlike herself and it is concerning to me. Please help in suggesting which medicine she can take and where I can buy it! Thank you

  97. My child is almost 3 years old and wakes up several times middle of the night stating I can’t breath, I can’t breath. We have tried saline drops and sprays and it seemed to help initially but now it seems like he still complains. He gets colds without any fever frequently and yellow drainage once in awhile from his nose. He breaths with his mouth open and has constant dry lips everyday. He is smaller in size and petite and lately doesn’t eat much and we have to force him to eat. He prefers foods that are not chunky. And he sneezes a lot through the day with mucus coming out. He did complain about his ear hurting recently as well and doctor said it was slightly filled with pus and prescribed antibiotics but we did not give him and it went away on it’s own after few days. What homeopathic mix should I use and how much and for how many?


    My son 7 year old he has adeniod enlargement under alert category 3.
    He breaths from mouth, snores and also having frequent cold and cough.
    Dr suggested surgery to get adenoid removed.
    Pls suggest if this can be treated without surgery and how long homeo medicine will take to show improvement.
    Will very much appreciate ur help.

  99. मेरी बेटी (उम्र 3 वर्ष 4 माह ) को जल्दी जल्दी जुकाम होता रहता है। एडेनोयड भी है।बहुत तेज खर्राटे मारती है, मुंह से सांस लेती है जिसके कारण निंद पुरी नही हो पाती है चिड्चिडपन भी दिन प्रतिदिन बढ्ता जा रहा है। कुछ शब्दो (ड,च, ऋ, र इत्यादि) को बोलने मे भी हिचकिचाती है
    कृपया उपचार बताये।

  100. My child is 2 1/2 can you
    Mix these remedy’s she does seem to allways be stuff and gets colds easily never fevers just colds she does breath through her mouth wakes up with dry mouth and lips and her breathing is blocked with slight snoreing . She is very active and happy during the day she is also very small in stature but I’m short so not sure if that matters over all quite healthy other then this does not complain about ears either . What should I use and how much and how many thanks you also for how long

  101. My Son is suffering from adenoids since he was 2 years. He is now 8 years old. I have started homeopathy medicines since an year now. I haven’t seen any appealing improvements. How many months it may take for homeopathic medicines to cure adenoids.
    Please suggest!

  102. Thank you for this information Dr Sharma. How do I get the homeopathic medicine for treating my four years old who have been having reoccuring ear infections and snores due to adenoids? Please help me

  103. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son is 5 years old and is suffering from Adenoids from quite some time now. His growth has rapidly fallen and looks very pale and weak. In his case when the infection is at its peak, he usually complains of Ear ache and there is always a discharge of thick colour yellow mucus from his nostrils. His immunity is very weak and is quite prone to cold and cuff.
    He is my only child and iam very tensed and worried due to his health. Kindly advise what medication to follow and how. Our family is not that sound as recently my mother passed away due to cancer , and we are almost broke financially. It would be of great help if you can guide us during this phase. God bless.

  104. Hi Dr son is 2yrs old is suffering from adenoids.He was diagnosed with sickle anemia 4mnths ago.which hameopath is suitable for him.please in your help

  105. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have a 3 year old son with very enlarged tonsils and adenoids.
    He breaths from mouth, snores and can not swallow food. He likes taking milk yogurt juices banana etc but avoid chunky food.
    He gets very frequent cold and throat infection.
    Dr suggested surgery to get both adenoid and tonsils removed.
    Pls suggest if this can be treated without surgery and how long homeo medicine will take to show improvement.
    Will very much appreciate ur help.

  106. Radhakrishnan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 49 yrs old man and weight is 108 kg. suffering from diabetic,sleep apnea and got operated nose 5 months back . But after that also i have not stopped snoring .Now recent some homeopathy doctor given cal .Cab 1m for 3 days. after that also not came down but while sleep saliva comes from mouth in day sleep and night sleep. Can you please help me out to reduce weight, sleep apnea and diabetic.
    sir please help me out to get cure from this problem.

  107. Hello. My 6 yr old daughter had tonsillitis 2 weeks ago. Not bacterial. Got better in 2-3 days. But her voice has been hoarse for a week and her tonsils are enlarged. They aren’t infected, just enlarged. I dont know if she’s always had enlarged tonsils because I really only started at them when she got sick. She has never had an ear infection. Doesn’t get sick often and when she does gets over it quickly. But she does snore. I’ve never heard her gasp for air but it’s somethinh I’ll start paying attention to.

    Anything I can do to help shrink tonsils and help with snoring?

    • Subhabrata Pathak says:

      My daughter is 5yr. 8monts old. She is suffering with enlarged adenoid and middle ear problems. Is there any treatment in homeopathy?

  108. Shravanthi says:

    How many days does it take to cure mild adenoids for. 4yrs kid

  109. hi doctor. my son has enlarged adenoids. he has nasal blockage at the timd of sleeping. n when he wakes up.

  110. My daughter was having ear pain along with whitish discharge, shown to ENT specialist, took Xray and said has got enlarged adenoid. Given 7 days of antibiotics and ask to consult after 2 weeks. he recommended surgical removal of adenoid along with tonsil. She is having nasal blockage, snoring, nasal voice, foul smell from mouth. Anything can be done in homeopathy for avoiding surgery and for speedy recovery.

  111. My daughter is 5years old and she is suffering from grade 2 adenoids problem. Do we cure this adenoids problem with out going to surgery at this stage?

  112. Hi sir,
    My son suffering from tonsil and adenoids please advice which medicine best for him and how can we take.he has nose blok take breath from mouth. Breathing pause in night

    • Try Garlic
      •Give your child 1 to 2 smashed garlic cloves mixed with a little lemon juice and honey, 2 or 3 times a day for atleast 15 days.

  113. Bikash Mitra says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma,

    Take Greetings.

    This is Bikash Mitra from Bangladesh. Just today after X-ray report got to know that my son is suffering adenoids. My son is snoring at night time while sleeping as well as he has cold and caugh for last two-three weeks. At day time no problem seen only little bit high breathing observed when doing too much naughty as a kid. But now I am worried to know that it could effect his growth, respiration and might need surgery.
    I would like know clearly that Homio can cure this diseases 100% without returning again? Then I will take Homio for my son. Being a father want this totally cure…
    Kindly advise the treatment. I will be greatful and awaiting for your advice.
    Bikash Mitra

    • Hello Dr.
      My daughter is 2 year old. She has been having continuous flu and congestion. The ENT specialist has diagnosed enlarged adenoid after taking X-ray and advised to go for a surgery but we want an alternative method for it.
      She breathes through the mouth, have sleep problem at night, snores during sleep a lot and continuous runny nose with thick secreations.
      Kindly help me to find cure other than surgery. Thank you.

      • I.C.Vijay Kumar says:

        my 13 year son is having adinoids and treated with steroid spray for night when he is in hostel and restricted some foods also .he lacks concentration and dry mouth .please sugest

  114. Shalini Mishra says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My 3 yr old daughter is suffering with enlarged adenoids and tonsillitis for the past few months. ENT doctors are recommending removal. She has constant cold, nasal blockage, constant breathing from the mouth, tiredness throughout the day, loss of appetite and loud snores at night . Please save her from the surgery.
    Which homeopathic treatment would you recommend ? Thank you!

  115. Asma khan says:

    Hiii…. My son is 8 yrs old. He is suffering from nose adenoids. Hence, he is not able to grow properly. He gets very irritated in small things. I don’t want to have a surgery for him. Please suggest me something…
    What can I do???

    Asma khan

  116. Hullo Dr.I have a son who is 1year and 8months with adenoids and I don’t want surgery. What can I give him

  117. My son is 2year old and from last 1 & half year he was having contiuous flue and congestion. We tired all methods , medicines to cure him but at last we got to know that he is having problem of enlarged adenoids as well as tonsils. Dr suggested surgery for him.but we want any alternative method for it.
    He continuously breath through mouth, have sleep problem at night, snores during sleep a lot and continuous runny nose with thick secreations.
    Kindly help me to find cure other than surgery. Thanks.

  118. My son is 5.5yrs and ENT dr suggested surgery for his enlarged adenoids. He constantly has nose blockage, with watery nose while sleeping and it increases in the night. He snors in the night due to which he doesnt get silent sleep. He doesnt have running nose in cold but cold is followed by cough most of the time. But continuous nose block is there in day time as well. Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for him.

  119. Dr. Sharma. My daughter 8yrs old is suffering from adenoids n tonsels.. Unable to decide reg s treatment. Pl suggest me in this regard.


  120. Gretchen says:

    Hi! My daughter was born with food sensitivities with the most prominent seeming to be dairy and failure to thrive until about a year. I never had a food sensitivities panel done on her until November 2017. I had the 96 food panel done because at her yearly check up she had lost weight and had been having tingly hands and legs at night, odd rashes off and on, and snoring. Her tonsils were 4+ so her doctor did a CBC and then an Epstein Barr panel and found she was at the end stages of mono. The food panel only indicated cheddar cheese as moderate but indicated slight to moderate sensitivities to wheat, gluten, garlic, egg yolk and egg white. After this igg test we reintroduced dairy (minus any cheddar) but took out the other noted offenders.
    It is now March 2018, 4 mo later, and my daughter has caught several flu viruses and vomiting and diarrhea episodes. I’m concerning her immune system is severely compromised, and I don’t want surgery for her tonsils…they are necessary! Any recommendations? I do supplement with homemade immune tincture and syrups made with elderberry and echinacea and other immune boosting herbs.
    Thanks for any help!

  121. Hi doctor my child has enlarged adenoids since she was born she is now 4 and the doctors are recommending removal .. she has constant cold, nasal blockage and constant breathing from the mouth which homeopathic treatment would you recommend ? Thank you!

  122. Pratibha says:

    My son Atherv Gupta,His age is 5 years approx.He is suffering from the large tonsils and adenoids last 5 years.It means by birth he is facing all these problems .

    Please suggest me what can be do.


    • Pratibha says:

      My son Atherv Gupta,His age is 5 years approx.He is suffering from the large tonsils and adenoids last 5 years.It means by birth he is facing all these problems .

      Please suggest me what can be do.


  123. My son, aged 5 yrs and 6 Months is having enlarged adenoid (From Birth). he is not sleep properly and ENT docters suggests a surgery. I already tried a homeopatic treatment for 6 months, but there are no signs of improvement. Should we continue with it or go for surgery?s suggest a appropriate remedy for it. I am using Himalaya’s Septiline from 5 Months but there are no sings of improvement.

  124. My son, aged 8 yrs is having enlarged adenoid. The doctor said his nose is closed, and he is not sleep properly dr. suggests a surgery. We already tried a homeopatic treatment for six months, but there are no signs of improvement. Should we continue with it or go for surgery?s suggest a appropriate remedy for it.

  125. Mohan Ramachandran says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Thanks for this post. I feel little bit relaxed after seeing this forum. I am in Sydney, Australia. My daughter is 3 years old and has adenoidal hypertrophy (moderate) and also enlarged tonsil as confirmed by airway x-ray. ENT doctor here suggests surgery. After seeing this post i just want to try Homeopathy medicines. Please let me know what medicines to take? Where to buy? Is there a way to consult online? Thank you. I’ll wait for your reply.

  126. Vikas Mishra says:

    My daughter is 4 year old she is suffering nose blocked in night ,she soar in night heavily. I have consult a doctor they advice for soft tissue x-ray. In x-ray report says. ENLARGED

  127. Greetings to you Dr,

    My son, aged 18 yrs is having enlarged adenoid. Pls suggest a appropriate remedy for it.


    • Hello,
      My daughter is 4.5 years old, and she has enlarged adenoids. Her tonsils are in good condition. The doctor said her nose is closed 80%, and suggests a surgery. We already tried a homeopatic treatment for two months, but there are no signs of improvement. Should we continue with it or go for surgery?

  128. My Son is 7 years old. He suffers from snoring at night due to enlarged Tonsils. How can you help
    He also has a throat issue and Ear pain. drs suggested da surgey its vry pain ful.i wana treat my child without any kind of surgery.we gave him a medicn but we want permant come to knw its possible in homeyopathy.

  129. Mamata Mohapatra says:

    My son swayam is 14 yrs old. We have diagnosed the nasal blockage since 2011.he mostly has nasal bleeding during cold. No running nose but immediately cough is there in chest. Now he is snoring and sleeps with mouth open. He has enlarged adenoids. In childhood he had ear infection, but now he never complains .Major problem is he tells in day time also he feels his nasal blockage and while running stops and breathes through mouth. Doctor advised tonsiloadenoid resection. Please advise What to do and advise what and on which frequency medicine to be taken. Thanks

  130. Vijay kumar says:

    My son lakshya kumar is suffering from adenoids from last 1.5 years. He is 7 yrs old. Large adenoids shows in x-ray report and i dont want to treat to surgery for this problem. So pls sir suggest me the best medicine for adenoids. Thankful to u for this.

  131. My son is 8yrs old.weight 22kg. Nasal polyps are there in x Ray .snoring a loud with mouth breathing ,long face teeth out , loss of concentration ,hyper active can’t sit properly same place for long. skin gets dark under eyes when he is in gathering says” chakkar AA rahay hai” need help.

  132. KAPIL SHARMA says:

    Sir My Son Shreyansh is getting treatment for enlarged adenoids from u and he has shown recovery when we visited ur clinic on 24th December. Now the same situation has arrived similar to may last year his nose is running he couldn’t sleep at night he is coughing. He is getting the medicines regularly but the condition is not improving since January 4. We made a call to ur clinic on 11th January but couldn’t connect to u. Please let us know what we should do now. We r helpless.

  133. Miriam J Zappala says:


    My 3 1/2 year old daughter has enlarged adenoids. She has a very hard time sleeping. She snores very hard and loud so much that she wakes herself up every couple of minutes. She has terrible nights of restores sleep. I and I’m trying to prevent her from having surgery. I’ve purchased the following medications.

    Ammonium Carb 30C
    Sambucus Nigra 30C
    China Officinalis 30C
    Calcarea Carb 30C
    Calcarea Phosphorica 30C

    Can she take all of these at the same time? Is the dosage ok?

    Thank you for your help

  134. My baby is 9 year old she is allergic, asthma too ,but now she has snoring very loud and i feel apnea pause too kindly suggest some thing thanks

  135. Mohammed Tamboli says:

    Hi Dr.sharma,
    My kid is of 13 years and have a sleep apnea, snoring and nose block problems due to enlarged adenoids after surgery done before 3 yeas back.

    Now Dr. Is suggesting to do surgery again to get relief from repeated illness and his school absence.

    Request your guidance to avoid surgery.

    • S m monjurul hoque says:

      Hi Dr.sharma,
      My kid is of 9 years and have a sleep apnea, snoring and nose block problems due to enlarged adenoids after surgery done before 3 yeas back.

      Now Dr. Is suggesting to do surgery again to get relief from repeated illness and his school absence.

      Request your guidance to avoid surgery.

  136. Radhika Fernandes says:

    My daughter is 6 years old.She suffers from snoring at night due to enlarged adenoids.How can you help
    She also has a throat issue and complains of difficulty in swallowing. What can we do to shrink the adenoids so she can sleep peacefully.

    • My baby is 9 year old she is allergic, asthma too ,but now she has snoring very loud and i feel apnea pause too kindly suggest some thing thanks

  137. Sir,my son 6 yr old he is allergic and continuously getting sick now he is on allergic treatment.He is having adinoiditis and tonsillitis and Dr. advised for his condition does homeopathy work.he is very thin too .Sir please give me advice.

    • Hello sir, m danishta from Ghaziabad my son only 3 year.He is suffering from adenoids but dctr suggest for surgery….but not agree for surgery I want to know that without surgery can adenoids remove ??? if u hv any suggestions pls share your contact no.i tok to you bcoz my son facing is so many problem for adenoids n tonsils m wating for your reply my contact number is o9540649676. Thanks.

  138. Hello sir,my son is 4 yes,,he suffers with open mouth sleeping n some ear prblm,,ENT dr has done a hearing test and xray .hearing test showed TYPE C ear and adenoids in xray,,ENT dr is suggesting for surgery. My son is with frequent coughs with stuffy nose..plz help me sir what to do..whether surgery r not???? Plz

  139. Lisa Meehan says:

    Hi my 5 year olds adenoids have grown back for the 3rd time I would like any suggestions I could try as I do not want to go ahead with another surgery

  140. hellow sir, i am lakshmi,my son suffring sleeping time snoring, he is 5 years old,he having adenoids pls can u help me best medicines

  141. Vishal Sharma says:

    Namaskar g. My4 .5 years daughter is suffering from enlarged adenoids and maxillary sinusitis, from last 2 months. Nasal sputum after every 2 hours, cough, snoring in night and also, just like small small painfull lipomas onneck under both ears. Plz help, plz tell the best med.

  142. Shirish Dhorajiya says:

    Hello sir,
    I am shirish from surat gujarat.
    My son is suffering while sleep with snoring.
    His age is 4 and half year.
    Actually before 1 year his adenoid operation was done by ENT specialist DR.ABR DESAI in mumbai.
    But till there is no solution of snoring.
    Please help me what can i do
    Any need to do once again an adenoid operation or not?
    Please give me answer of this question. Thanks…

  143. My son is 5 year old now. When he was 4 year old he had adenoids and tonsil surgery, now adenoids regrow after surgery .His symptoms is dry nose, cold , cough, snoring and when cold cough prolong ( sometimes 14 days to 20 days ) he get ear infection please advise which homeopathic medicine is good for him

  144. Are you able to make suggestions for this case? I’ve enclosed the mothers words. “He’s getting his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears. He has water in his ears and can’t hear properly. No ear pain. Surgery Dec. 22, takes one hour. We are doing surgery. I’m not risking sleep apnea for him and that’s where he’s headed if we don’t do this. He’s had Streep throat 7 times since March . We had a chance 2 years ago to remove adenoids and we decided not to but nothing is getting better so now we are doing it.”

  145. Hello sir.My son is 2year3months son have grade 4 adenoids and tonsils.he is suffering from sleep apnea .doctors suggest us to go for surgery of both adenoids and tonsils.kindly give your this correct to go for surgery . In this condition homeopathic treatment can be done? From where we get this treatment in Hyderabad?

    • Shirish Dhorajiya says:

      Hello sir,
      I am shirish from surat gujarat.
      My son is suffering while sleep with snoring.
      His age is 4 and half year.
      Actually before 1 year his adenoid operation was done by ENT specialist DR.ABR DESAI in mumbai.
      But till there is no solution of snoring.
      Please help me what can i do
      Any need to do once again an adenoid operation or not?
      Please give me answer of this question. Thanks…

  146. Jahnaviprasad says:

    My child has tonsils the ENT doctors has told me that my child has grade 3 TONSILS and surgery to be done but I don’t want to go for surgery pls send me the details of medicines that I can use for child apart from tonsils my child has nose blockage problem waiting for your kind reply thank you sir yours faithfully

  147. hello doctor
    m vinita from ghaziabad my son is onky 6 yrs he is suffering from adenoids but doctr suggests for surgery .. but not agree for surgery i want to to know that without surgery can adenoids remove ???? if u hv any suggestions thn pks share ur contact number thn i tok to you because my son facing so many problems from adenoids and tonsils .. m waiting for ur reply .. my contact number is 9899465252 .

    Thanks & Regards

  148. jitendra sharma says:

    Hi my son is suffering for adenoids we took some homopathic treatment but condition reversed .from where we can get best treatment for adenoids.

  149. Hello Dr.Sharma,

    The above article is very helpful. My son 3yr.15day old diagnosed with enlargement of adenoids. He is suffering from recurrent fever, thick mucus, and nasal blockage. Currently, I am using Aconitum, Hepar sulfur , Bryonia, and Agraphis. But when he had the high and recurrent fever, I end up with calpol-250mg. Its been 4 months and he is suffering from same. Kindly suggest me right treatment.

  150. shilpi biswas says:

    hello sir,I am shilpi biswas,going to inform you that my 5 years old premature son has been suffering some nasal problems.when he was 1.5 years old,a nose bleeding occurred.since then I had taken advice from his paedtrician.dr. informed me that it is a common problem in all the child and nothing to present his nose bleeds continuously and I take him to an E.N.T specialist.dr. informed me that he has enlarged and congested tonsils and Aedinoids and it should operates.i am not agree with him about there is any homeopathy treatment.if that ,where should I have to go.pls suggest me.thank you

  151. Abhishek Bhattacharya says:

    Respected Sir,
    My self Abhishek Bhattacharya, from West Bengal, Berhampore Murshidabad Dist.
    Sir My 7 years old son have this same problem from the age of two.I visited almost
    Five ENT Surgeon for this problem,all are suggest me to operate adenoid with other
    glands those are enlarged day by day.

    So I request you please give your opinion about my case that is adenoid with gland
    problem remove forever in Homeopathy.I wait for your special suggestion.
    Abhishek Bhattacharya

  152. My son is 5 years old.He has enlarged adenoids And he has been booked for surgery but we want homeopathic medicine treatment .pleas suggest me best name and usage of medicine

  153. Chidinma Anyachor says:

    Pls my son is six years old and he has been diagnosed with enlarged adenoids. he has all the symptoms which has been a source of constant worry to me. I came across your information about the natural cure of this adenoid enlargement by strengthening the immune system. Quite interesting and relieving though. How much does it cost and how can I get it pls? I reside in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. I await your response . Best regards.


  154. Syed sherazi says:

    My son is 3 years old.He has enlarged adenoids And he has been booked for surgery but we want to try homeopathic medicine .pleas suggest me best name and usage of medicine.

  155. UNOGWU Ene Charity says:

    I need urgent help to treat this condition in my 3 year old child. She has been booked for surgery but when we discover that the is a possibility to regrow we want to try the homoeopathy drugs.
    We are in Nigeria, how do we he this drug in Nigeria?

    • mohammad khurram says:

      My child13 yr old having enlarged adenoids since detected from one year with narrow airway and snoring sound while sleep some doctors told must surgery some told wait and told his age is possible for shrink iam very badly confused and disturb but hard breath is continuing during sleep daily he is eating normal but look dull face not energitic iam very worried obout him iam seeking best way for his treatment to cure permanently please guide me iam indian living in dubai

  156. My son is of 4 years 11 months facing enlarged adenoids . Doctors suggested to go for surgery. Please let me know whether homeopathy treatment does not allow adenoid surgery. As of now he is not facing any problem except snouring during night and that to often

  157. My daughter is 4.5 years old and suffering from enlarged adenoids and tonsils. I tried ayurvedic and other medications it is not getting cured I’m afraid that she has to undergo surgery. Her symptoms are bedwetting, form from mouth while sleeping with snore and breathing through nose. Which medications will cure her problem I’m very much worried.

  158. my son age 10 years he have adenoids in nose 80% block my ENT suggested to laser surgery pl. advise without surgery these problem reduced its possible or not
    he suffering only some ear infection

  159. Susana Carneiro says:

    Where can you get the medicines you suggest? and how will I know the appropriate dosage?
    Thank you

  160. Neeraj Sharma says:

    Sir, my ten years son is having low grade fever with lymph glands swollen on both sides of neck from last 25 days. X ray and physical examination shows grade 2 tonsils and enlarged adenoids . Kindly suggest some remedy a long with potency.
    Thanks and regards

  161. Alexus Smith says:

    Hello. I would like to learn more about what treatment options would be beneficial for me. I am a 23 year old female with a past medical history of enlarged adenoids in childhood. My mother elected not to have surgical removal of my adenoids. I do not think the problem has gone away. I snore terribly, and can sometimes “snore” while I’m alert and oriented if not paying close attention. I have a hyponasal speech, and it is difficul for me to pronounce my words correctly. I frequently cough up tonsil stones and suffer from dry mouth and foul breath, and have a constant post nasal drip. I am a nurse for a major medical center, and I would like to try homeopathic alternatives before I elect to have any surgeries. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks so much.

  162. Karolina Avar says:

    My 1 year old has snoring and difficult breathing at night. She is breathing through her mouth. She tosses and turns a lot and wakes up too sometimes. I can see she has large tonsils but I think she has enlarged adenoids too.
    Daytime she breathes through her nose and very active, but quite small for her age.
    Which homeopathic remedy should I try for her?

    • Hello sir
      My son is 13yrs old
      He is having enlarged adenoids and doctor has recommended surgery…I am not in favour of surgery and has started his homeopathic treatment.But haven’t seen any improvement.
      Can you plz guide how long will it take to get cure and how can I know that medicine given by doctor is the right one

  163. Claudia hernandez says:

    My 6 year old has enlarged tonsils and adenoids what can I give him for them to shrink and where can I buy it please help. I hate seeming him sleep with his mouth open:(

  164. Aziz ur rehman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter has enlarged adenoids and she mouth breathes while sleeping only. Her growth seems retarded although she eats well. She is 7 and half years old with 21kg weight. Her height is good though. She feels cold sooner as compared to other kids specially in cold weather or in water pool. Her lips turn purple during time in water pool.

    Is there a way I can consult to you personally? We have her X ray and also endoscopy.


  165. Rubina Sultan says:

    HEllo Dr Sharma

    My son 2.7 years old , always had recurrent ear infection and puss like discharge due to enlarged adenoids. I have consulted a homeopath near home in Pakistan. He has prescribed a dose of around 4 months. The problem is that I can not witness his pain esp during nights when he is all sleepless and disturbed.

    Also ENT specialist has suggested operation for him, but i would like him to be treated with homeopathy.

    Please suggest me the way so that I could speed up his recovery.


  166. Linda Pezzullo says:

    My almost 3 yr old granddaughter suffers with chronic ear infections and snores. Her dr has recommended we put tubes again in her ears along with removal of adnoids I am a little skeptical of her undergoing the surgery placing the tube down her throat and would rather find a more homeopathic route of taking care of this Do you recommend we try using Agraphis Nutans and Merc Sol? What time frame would you feel it would take to see positive results?

  167. laxman singh. says:

    does it effect on brain?

  168. Hi doctor my daughter is recently detected with adenoids she breaths through mouth and faster than normal. Her nose remain blocked so she has become a mouth breather. Her nose blockage severely increases during night. We started allopathic medicines for her but now looking for good homeopathic medicine. Kindly advise.


  169. My daughter’s 8 years old and have a problem of adenoids they sent us for surgery but I don’t want her to go for surgery if this medicine can work please explain to me how I can get it bcz my child is suffering she cannot sleep peacefully please help me

  170. Hi Dr
    My son is 3.5 years old and just this year he’s had 4 recurring sinus nasal infections with green discharge from he’s nose and alif fevers from ear infection or redness in ears. We took him to ENT specialist and he was like yes we wil take out tonsils, adenoids and put grommets. This was all decided without scans or allergy testing. My instinct as a mother was nooo way. Plz help me and advice me on wat to do and which medicines do I buy. Plz would appreciate your help. My son struggles to breathe from he’s nose and is a mouth breather I just want him to sleep peaceful and breathe from he’s nose the poor little angel.

    Thankyou kindly


  171. hi I wanted to know is it necessary to remove my babys adenoid. shes 21 months? can it be treated?

  172. My son has slightly enlarged adenoids and breaths very heavy his oxygen saturation drops. Could the adenoids be causing the drop of oxygen when sleeping and if so which of these medicines do you recommend? Thank you

  173. Sir,my son has enlarged adenoids, and after reading your homeopathic treatment, I got merc-sol 200.
    Please,what doses do I give him?
    Please, I need an urgent reply. Thank you.
    08088089776 number.

  174. Psorinum is known to increase immunity against catching a cold. Both Tuberculinum also seems relevant. Please advise.
    My daughter has large adenoids
    Removed once before already
    Need a cure she is nearly 15. Which homeo medicine??
    Please advise
    07775858316 number

    • Dr. My 12 yr old daughter has an enlarged adenoid but it is not affecting the airway passage according to x-ray results. She has had a running nose for like 6 weeks, sometimes with a dry cough. Mainly cold weather related.The ENT recommended surgery which im against. I wanted to ask;-

      (a)What homeopathic medicine should i buy for her?
      (b) Can she take a combination of the medicine e.g Baryta carb and calcarea carb together ?OR Baryta cab andTuberculinum?

  175. Rahul dwivedi says:

    Sir ,i am very disturbed by my adenoids which is in my throte .i pain..ho hard some time sir please suggest me a good medicine…
    Thank u

  176. My child snores severely and complains of ear pains and sore throat as a result of Adenoids. She is 5yrs. The natural medicines you mentioned are not known to me here in Nigera. Can you pls list some known medicines for me?

  177. Thanks for your valuable information

  178. Upesh Kumar Julaha says:

    Sir, my daughter is suffered with tonsil & sinus. And her adenoids are found enlarged in x ray. Her breathing air ways also found narrowing. And her sleep is sonoring & with mouth get open & some times uneasyness & denied for eating food every times, poor growth . 6 month her allopathic treatment were going but no effect. Dr. Prescribed her for surgery after some times. Plz guide me.

    • dont worry. after 7 to 9 year age adenoid will automatic Venice. use continue antiobiotic your child. no problem. do not surgery.

  179. Jennifer Z says:

    Hello Doctor, my 15 month old son was recently diagnosed with enlarged adenoids. I am a Nigeria and I am interested I this homeopathic treatment. Kindly advise me on what to do and how to go about it. Thank you

    • Sir please my 12 month old son has been diagnosed of adnoid enlargement how can it be treated, I don’t want him to go through the surgery, but am very desperate now, he is not developing well he is yet to start walking.

    • Hello Doctor, my 13 months old daughter has enlarged adenoid, snores highly at night, runny nose and breaths with the mouth. I don’t want her to undergo surgery. please suggest medicine for me. ….Please help a worried mother

  180. Valerie pace says:

    hi. my 2 yr old son was seen today and the doctor only looked at his ears and throat and said that it was his adenoids. do I need to be worried that its not a deviated septum or something different? how could she tell from just asking questions and looking at two places without an xray? she also checked his neck.

  181. Vinolia Malepe says:

    My son is 4 years 2 months old, enlarged adenoids found in X-ray.Symptoms enlarged adenoids, nasal blockage, breathing with mouth, snoring when sleeping and pauses in breathing while sleeping. please suggest medicine

    • hi. I am Riaz. I give advice that you never surgery your child. becsuse after 7 to 9 years age adenoid are automatic Venice. adenoid and tonsile is the most importent part of body. please keep your body it any cost. you can use antibiotic and anti histamin up to age of 9 years child. please brother do not surgery your child.because a large of side effect to the surgery. I dont know your country name. if you are give your imo or viber number. I will give you advice. many many thanks your family and love your child.

  182. MAQBOOL FAKI says:

    My daughter is of 4-1/2 years old, Enlarged adenoids found in X-Ray.

    These are the usual symptoms:

    Enlarged adenoids

    Nasal blockage at night

    Breathing with mouth

    Snowing when sleeping

    Please suggest medicine

    Maqbool faki


  184. My 4.5 yr old baby girl got adenoiditis 1 year ago and she is in agraphis nutans. No remarkable decrease in breathing pause during night. She still suffering from sleep apnoea…what should I do…? Opt adenoidectomy or change medicine…?

  185. Sadia waqas says:

    My daughter age 2 nd half year sufferning adenoids showing in x ray.drs suggested da surgey its vry pain ful.i wana treat my child without any kind of surgery.we gave him a medicn but we want permant come to knw its possible in homeyopathy.
    Plz suggest da medicin
    Rply plz

    • hi sadia, I Am Riaz. please never surgery your child. after 7 year to 9 year adenoied automatically Venice. please used the antibiotic since the 9 year age. no problem. give your mobile imo or viber number. I will give you advice. please do not surgery.

  186. Rima Fernandes says:

    My son 16 year’s has adenoids showing on xray. He suffers from permanent blocked nose in alternate nostrils, which gets worse when a cold flares up. Of late he is also prone to wheezing…he is a mouth breather. And also snores…. He has been on homeopathy treatment since the age of 3… Recently took him for a medical check up indications show nasal turbinate hypertrophy.. which causes the nose blocks.. his constitutional was phosphorus… But even after years of homeopathy treatment he is prone to coughs and colds… there a possible cure for his case

  187. My son is of 4-1/2 years old with recurring throat infection and enlarged adenoids found in X-Ray.
    These are the usual symptoms:
    Allergy due to cold and dust (usually gets chest infection and pneumonia)
    Enlarged adenoids
    Enlarged tonsils
    Nasal blockage at night
    Breathing with mouth
    Sometimes complain earache

    Please suggest medicine

  188. My son is of 4-1/2 years old with recurring throat infection due to enlarged adenoids.
    These are the usual symptoms:
    Allergy due to cold and dust
    Enlarged adenoids
    Large size of tonsils
    Nasal blockage at night
    Breathing with mouth
    Sometimes complain earache

    Please suggest medicine

  189. Sir my child is 12 year old having problem of large adenoids and tonsils but he does not has problem of fever or eating but some time he suffers breathing problems during sleeping in the night ent advise us for surgery when he was 2 year old I wish to know yur suggestions about homeopathic treatment

  190. Saulat khan says:

    Hello Dr.sharma my daughter is 5.8m old.has adenoids having problm in breathing , block nose, snoring during sleepDr advice fr surgery but we fr such small kid.plz give us v effetive homeopathic medicine name with dosage plz.ryt now she had high fever n throat pain. Giving her medicine.but we need.parmanant cure. Help me

  191. SNEHA SUNIL MORE says:


  192. Sara myers says:

    My son has many environmental allergies and also had his adenoids removed. A year later, allergy medicine not helping and his nasal passages are very blocked! I am afraid that the adenoids grew back. Any suggestions what to give him so he can breathe? His allergies were so bad he had asthma and was put in an inhaler, steroid and nose spray. I can’t continue this medicine. He doesn’t seem to get enough oxygen. He was also having some night terrors (maybe from the medicine) I have also tried a salt cavern and essential oils. He has such blockage in his nose, itchy nose and eyes. Please help.

  193. Sandra ferm says:

    My son is 2,5 years old. He sleeps soundly and mouth open, start to get the face you tell about. He is also waking up many times during a night.
    He catches cold after cold.. ever sins he was a baby. What do you recommend? Get sometime during night sweaty in the forehead and scalp.
    Can se that he gets more angry during daytime when the sleep is really bad.
    Thanks so much for really good information!
    Best regards Sandra

  194. Payal Mahajan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I have a 4 year old daughter who constantly has either ear or throt infections ( around twice a month) we have been advised a surgery to remove her tonsils . She snores very loudly at night and her breathing pauses sometimes and I can hear the effort to breathe through the nose. As a result she breathes through her mouth (90%of the time) at night. She also has a tendency to catch colds easily . Can u suggest what medicine would benefit her and also the dosage

    Thank you

  195. My son has just been seen by the ent department and have said surgery is the only solution. Please could you advise. My son breathes through his mouth and tends to get ill quickly. Last year he had tonsillitis. Can I buy homeopathic medicine over the internet or do you advise going to see someone

  196. Mrs Peace Michael says:

    Thank u so much this is so helpful…. My 1yr old baby suffers this, snoring, breathing through the mouth, enlarged adenoids and chronic catrrh (cold). Am a first time mum i cry everyday cos i dont know how to help my baby get well. Please i need thess drugs i live in Lagos Nigeria in west Africa. Thnk u

  197. Joel atokolo says:

    My 3years child with a history of mouth breathing, snoring blocked nose poor word pronounciation and sleep apnea. Intubation was no successful in an attempt to perform surgery. Doctor suggest may be there is a laryngeal mass. Pls suggest medice for the cure. Thanks

  198. Richa anand says:

    Hello dr,my daughter is 8 yrs old.she has difficulty in breathing due to snoring.because of which she tosses constantly and cannot sleep well.morning she complains she did not get enough sleep.since I am in US I keep a stock of opium30 and China 30.will these help and how much should the dose be.

  199. Pinkee kumari says:

    Hello dr Sharma
    My son is 2 years old and has started going to preschool .we stay in kuala lumpur Malaysia . He is otherwise a very happy and active child other than catching cold very frequent and which is very persistent. This time his cold is persisting more than 2 weeks and has blocked nose which has started causing snoring problem .since he was 3 month old he had this cold issue but due too much care he was not getting much frequent attacks but now since he has started going to school it has become so worse .please suggest what I do for him

  200. garnepudi sunil kumar says:

    dear sir,
    my daughter G.TANUSRI, 04 years old has been suffering with enlarged adenoids for the past 02 years confirmed by local ENT surgeon. consulted many doctors including local homeopathic also. used so many medicines. no use at all.
    Please provide me related guidance as immediately as possible because i strongly believe that homeopathy is only the way rather than going for surgery.

    andhra pradesh

  201. lakhwinder singh says:

    dear dr. sharma ji
    meri 4 sal ki beti ko adenoides ki problam hai 3rd stage per hai e n t surgon kehte hai operation hoga koi homeo pathi me treatment btae

  202. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 5,5 years old son has enlarged tonsils and adenoids. He has difficulty breathing at night and hence sleeps with open mouth causing dryness and burning sensation of his throat upon awakening every morning.

    He feels to have a stuffy nose every morning but no mucus is present. ENT specialist confirmed no polyps in his nose and a sleep apnea test revealed negative results. However, he snores at night despite air purifier and humidifier in his room while sleeping.

    Also, he has eating disorder but it is not clear whether his tonsils/adenoids are to blame for. We have been hesitant taking him for an Xray and wonder if you have any homeopathy suggestions to follow.

    Thanks and many kind regards,

  203. Sherressa Ward says:

    Has anyone gotten a response from the dr?

  204. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am really thank for what you shared here. My child is 4 years old. she gets frequent tonsillitis even twice a month. she has been threated with combined antibiotics but no response at all. So, shall I use these Homeopathic medicines with out the doctors prescription? and where can I get the medicine please?

    Thank you

  205. Marie Ballentine says:

    Hi. I am an old woman with adenoid infection after a severe upper respiratory infection. Dr prescribed 850 mg of antibiotic twice daily. This is not working yet. I do not want surgery. What do you recommend and where can I get it. I return to dr at April end.

  206. Vinod Kumar says:

    My son has right eye duct blocked, his adenoids are enlarged. Doctors have advised surgery for opening the eye duct. Can homeopathy help in treating both the conditions?

    • Anaeto Nneka C says:

      Hi Doctor, my daughter is 3yrs and she can’t hear and speak she did CT brain and EEG scan which shows that she had enlarged Adenoids with mild nasopharyngeal airway obstruction.ENT doctor from LUTH suggest a surgery for her please sir am afraid for the surgery advise me on the best medication for her. Thanks and remain blessed.

  207. Md.Maidul Islam says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is 7 years old . He has enlarged adenoid problem. This cause him block nose. He breath through mouth at night. He has hearing problem in Both ear.He is Bilateral profound hearing loss. He suffering in cold allergies since one year. Recent he doesn’t sleeping properly at night. We done x ray also which confirms enlarged adenoids. Our ENT doctor has prescribed nasal spray + syrup+Tablet at night. but no improvement to be seems. Please suggest me which medicine will better his enlarged adenoid problem.

  208. Salmin salim says:

    My son snores at night. I have been taking him to the ENT clinic and once the drugs are over, his condition goes back. What is the proper medication can I give him? He is 9 years old .

  209. Sailendra says:

    My son is 2yr6months.he is suffering from adenoids since 1yr he doesn’t have ear pain doctor said that he improved 20% better than previous x-ray but he needs surgery .Should we do that or go to homeo treatment we stay in hyd .

  210. Dharmveer says:

    Hi sir
    My son is 5 yr old he sufring running nose from 2 yrs at night nose block and breathing problem like asthma this is elergy in cold and weather changing
    He was not sleeping prperly PSE help me
    I wiil always greaful to you PSE help my son

  211. Rajan Dasgupta says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My son is 4 years old . He has enlarged adenoid problem. This cause him block nose. He breath through mouth at night. He has hearing problem also but no ear discharge. In audiometry test the difference is 35 decibels. We did x ray also which confirms enlarged adenoids. Our ENT doctor has prescribed mometasone +azilastin nasal spray bid and levocetrizine+montelukast syrup at night. We started medicine from yesterday. He seems allergic to cold and suffers bronchial asthma during winter. We did homeopathy for that along with inhaler in severe condition. I have read your blog . You suggested Baryta Carb, Agraphis Nutans,Tuberculinum, Psorinum etc. Please suggest which one or combination will be best for him ? What are the doses we should give him? Anything more?
    Please suggest.

  212. Ramachandran says:


  213. Charlotte N Martis says:

    My son is 9yrs old having recurring cold and sore throat, since he was small, he gets fever every time he gets a throat infection and has been on antibiotics to. reduce temperature and control inflammation, his doctor said his enlarged adenoids are the cause of.his condition. He gets these attacks every 2 months, he has.snoring and mouth,otherwise a playful and bright child but underweight and having.
    adenoids faces, Dr suggested surgery but I don’t want. To do it

  214. Ebhodaghe Grace says:

    please doc,my child is two years +,how do I get d drugs to treat her adenoids,she is really suffering

    • my child is 6 year old .she is suffering from adenoids .Dr. advice surgery sir you tell me homeopathic treatment. Thanks

  215. suman nayyar says:

    my child 4 years old has been suffering from enlarged adenoids and maxillary sinus..also complaining of ear ache since last 2 currently on antibiotics..ent doctor wl be testing hearing test next week and has recommended surgery..he says that if ear is involved surgery can’t be delayed…can i go for homeopathy

  216. hi where do i get merc sol

  217. Jayanta Nag says:

    my. son age is 12 years plus.He has suffering for nasal polyp.He is a professional swimmer.But now due to this problem he is doing his breathing via mouth in lie of nose and very quickly he has tired.He has suffering frequently with throat infection,ear infection & cough and cold.He has growth problem as well as fattiness also.

    Please suggest me the homeopathic medicine to cure these problems

  218. Nafeesa Arshi says:

    Dear sir,
    My daughter is 4 years old . She has enlarged adenoid problem. This cause her block nose and snoring while sleep. She breath through mouth. Her food intake is also reduced.
    Doctor has suggested for adenoid surgery. Can you suggest for homeo treatment which can help her.

  219. Vivek Naudiyal says:

    My son has a highly blocked nose. all through night he breathese from his mouth and the nostrils are completely fillled with dry mucus.
    Doctor has suggested for adenoid surgery. Can you suggest for homeo trearment which can help him. He has been in this condition for a complete year now

    • Bokhtiar Uddin says:

      My daughter age is 8.5 years. She suffering Adenoids and Tonsils. She did not breath properly in sleep.
      He have infection in leaf , tongue and inside of mouth. She suffering also high fever.

      Need Immediate medicine for recover. Please help me.

  220. Bhupendraprasas says:

    Hi my both daughters are prone to urti. And younger is planned for surgery for enlarged week .ahould we go ahead or?

  221. Hitesh panchal says:

    My 4 yrs old child having adenoids , he breath thru his mouth during sleep, and having some hearing problem
    Due to fluid present in middle ear
    Pl suggest

  222. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    My son is 4 years old . He has enlarged adenoid problem. This cause him block nose and snoring while sleep. He breath through mouth. He has been getting allopathic treatment for five months but problem remains same. He seems allergic to cold. In your blog you have prescribed Baryta Carb. Is this good for him? What are the doses we should give him? Anything more?
    Please suggest

  223. Dear Doctor

    My son has large adenoids and has very poor growth. He snores in night and has frequent cold. He is 21 months. Will really be grateful if you can advice us on a medicine

  224. my son of about one year and five months is

    a victim of adenoids hypertrophy. he can I get this homeopathic medicine to treat my son l live in Benin city Nigeria. pls reply. thank u

    • Mrs sodade says:

      I am from Lagos state,my son from 8month has been experiencing blocked nose,catarrh, breathing try the mouth and an xray test has been carried out to enlarged adenoid ,Aqueous Nasal Spray has been applied but no improvement. Pls where can I buy the required Homeopathic medicine in Lagos Nigeria.

      • Mrs sodade says:

        I am from Lagos state,my son from 8month has been experiencing blocked nose,catarrh, breathing tru the mouth and an xray test has been carried out to enlarged adenoid ,Aqueous Nasal Spray has been applied but no improvement. Pls where can I buy the required Homeopathic medicine in Lagos Nigeria.

        • Adebimpe Adeyemi says:

          My son has the same issue, snoring at night,feels drowsy during the day. Losing weight as well. Please where can i get your prescriptions in Lagos?

  225. My daughter has tge prblem of nose bleeding.In xray adenoid enlargement is od adenoid is suggested by doctor.After surgery nose bleeding problem will stop definitely? She faces always cold and viral infections also.please suggest what we have to do now

  226. Hi Dr,

    My son is 5 years old and has enlarged adenoids. The issue is that whenever he has flu he can’t sleep, basically he can’t breathe, will snore heavily and will wake up from sleep very often. He only has this problem when he has flu, otherwise he is fine. Every time he has flu or cough will be difficult for him to recover and he needs antibiotics to recover.

    Paediatrician and ENT surgeon both recommended surgery to remove the adenoids. We are not in favour of surgery and appreciate if you could advise if homeopathy can cure this.

  227. Hi Sir,

    My son is 6 years old, he has enlarged adenoids and tonsils of grade I Hypertrophy. He has snoring and sleep apnea in the nights. He breaths thru mouth in day & night. He is very thin and pale.

    Please suggest medicine for him.


  228. My daughter is about 5 year old her adenoids has large dr recomment surgery but consant you that how afective homeopathy treatment.

  229. Gunjan Sonthalia says:

    hello doctor,
    I’m from hyderabad , india
    my daughter aged 11 has just been diagnosed with enlarged adenoids (grade 4) and a grade 3 tonsillitis as well.
    the ENT in my city recommends surgery and according to him I shouldn’t wait .
    please advise

  230. Jason Keith says:

    My 3 year old daughter has a high tendency to get enlarged adenoids especially due to infection. It has led her to mouth breath and sleep apnea at night. antibiotics tend to help but some doctors have recommended surgery.
    I need a homeopathic remedy i can try
    I am based in Uganda.

  231. Sonal DUBEY says:

    Dear doctor
    My son has having the
    Adenoids stage 4 with large tonsils doc.said that he needs surgery as he is snoring nd breathing from his mouth from last 15 days sir he had also having history of frequent episodes of coughing….Sir plzzz suggest should I go for surgery or ty homeoofpath treatment…

  232. My daughter has enlarged adenoids. Symptoms are _ ear pain, high fever, snoring, mouth breathing. Dr suggest operations. What can I do? Can I give her homeopathy medicine?plz suggest me with medicine name & dose.

  233. For use of the above medicine doses is required. OK. Send in details.

  234. Shweta chugh says:

    Hi, my daughter is 11 year old and she had enlarge adenoids. She advised for adenoidectomy. Now I want to know that homeopathic treatment can cure her completely. And symptoms are mouth breathing, snoring, headache,and sometimes little bit difficulty to listen. I am worried and I want the best for her.

    • Shweta chugh says:

      Hi, my daughter is 11 year old and she had enlarge adenoids. She advised for adenoidectomy. Now I want to know that homeopathic treatment can cure her completely. And symptoms are mouth breathing, snoring, headache,and sometimes little bit difficulty to listen. I am worried and I want the best for her.

  235. Sumit Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My 8 year son is having enlarged adenoid and tonsil. I went to doctor and after doing endoscopy they said that we need to do surgery. For me, it also look adenoid is not in good condition. They said even now it is very difficult to cure by medication. Now I am looking for alternate treatment and I saw your this site. Sir, You know also no parent want any knife over their kids. Kindly suggest something doctor. I can’t see my kid by facing hardship for each breath. With hope..

    Sumit Kumar

  236. My 8 year son snores at night n breath from mouth . Also there is watery discharge from his mouth throughout night evn after deworming. Now i can c white dot like patches around both his eyes. He finds difficulty in breathing too. Every now n then catches cough n cold very easily. Just now started Allium ceppa and baryta carbonica 200. Pls help n reply as giving antibiotics every couple of months can cause serious threats. Plz plz reply back

  237. My son is now 9 n half year old. He breathes with mouth day n night. X ray was done before 2 years n it showed enlarged adenoid glands. Since 2 years his medicine was done to improve his immune system n his health n even nasal spray was given for one year . But even today he breathes with mouth n there is no weight gain, he gets tired very soon.
    He will be 10 years in april. What would u suggest

  238. My daughter is 5 yrs old and suffering with enlarged adenoids and maxillary sinus.due to this she is having a hearing loss upto 45db .We just started English medicines but they suggested for surgery which I don’t want to go in this age.
    So please suggest me how liquid in ear will be treated along with adenoids infection and enlargement in homeopathy.

  239. Hi dr.sharma.
    My daughter has enlarged adinoids and she breath with mouth by day and night time. Now she is 8 yrs old but still same problem….even during winter more cold.Their is more eating a teeth at night because of lack of sleep…pleasa suggest how to ta treatment.

  240. Deepak khurana says:

    Dear Sir,

    Read the article nearly 70% My daughter have adenoids as per Ent.
    I also tried yours number just now but unable to contact.
    Please suggest how we can avoid surgery and how and where to get treatment of homeopathy best in india,near by Delhi.

  241. Nwosu Frank says:

    Dear doctor,
    My daughter is now one year and seven months. She had test for post nasal x-ray and there is enlargement of the adenoid and the tonsil.
    She breaths with her month and also snore during the night. Please, how do I get the herbal remedies you listed out for the treatment.

    • Muruganandam Subramanian says:

      my grand dughter has swelling o f adenoids she often gets cold cough fever and ear pain also please suggest good homeopathic medicine to cure her

  242. HI – my son is 5 years old and he has severe adenoid, tonsil enlargement. We tried Homeopathy for few months but the infections are recurring. We would like to have a consultation with you to get a better Idea. Also How long should he be taking the medicines to see improvement.

  243. Hi. My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out 5 years ago but her nose is very blocked and she has mouth breathing and sleep apnea and it looks like her adenoids have grown back. I can see that kali sulphuricum is a good remedy. What dosage/time scale would you suggest for this? Are there other remedies too that would help (ammonium carb, sambucus nigra?). Thanks

  244. How can I get the homeopathy .my 3 year old son as enlarge adenoid and tonsillitis but we don’t want surgery for him…. I really need your help

    • Syed Khalid Ali says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma pls help me its very urgent…How can I get the homeopathy my 5.yrs& 10 months old son as enlarge adenoid and tonsillitis but we don’t want surgery for him…. I really need your help

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      My son is 4 years young. He is having ear infection for about 3 times in last 2 month. Xray shows he has a enlarge adenoid. Dr are suggesting for surgery. We are not preferring to go for surgery. As per your article merc sol is the best medicine for ear infection. Pls advice us the medication plan, which medicine for how long at what dose.


  245. Alicia Greene says:

    My 9 year old daughter has had constant respiratory infections since she was 2 then was diagnosed as viral asthma however in the past 2 years she’s been having constant ear infections and sinus infections now saying acute sinusitis then almost a year ago the headaches started and have been slowly getting worse. Doctors just put her on antibiotic after antibiotic and now diagnosed her with pediatric migraines. I feel its possibly her tonsils or adenoids, do you feel these treatments could help give her some relief?

  246. My son.has acute tonsillitis.and doctors have suggested a surgery as it can lead to face deformities.can homeopathy prevent this and if he is treated through homeopathy are there chances for it to come.back?

  247. Hello, Dr.Sharma,
    My daughter is 8 years old suffering a breathing problem only at night . In day time she can breath normal. When I checked with ENT specialist he check through the camera and saying that the adenoids at one side is blocking the 95% air way and the other side of the nose is 75% blocked. He suggested for surgery.
    Pls suggest is it necessary to go for surgery or Homeopathy medicine will help. Which medicine I should take.

  248. rahul sarkar says:

    my son problem toncil and adenoied.his age is 5.9. he is breathing mouth.he goes to sleep then his problem breathing.please help

    • Hallo sir
      My son will reach 5 yrs in may, suffering from frequent upper respiratory tract infections tonsillits and adenoditis some times need injectable antibiotics to treat, Drs suggested adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy.during all attacks he is febrile .sleep apnoea is noted especially during infection , most time he is mouth breathing .is homeaopathy is effective in his case.i live in muscat is homeao pathy is available here. now he has got severe infection tonsillitis and adenoditis it ever harder than before.fever is not resolving with heavy iv antibioitcs, i expect your reply

  249. Maneesh kumar jha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma , my daughter age 7 years and suggested for Tonsil and adenoid removal,because of recurrent respiratory infection,and moderate hearing loss, Need your Prescription and Suggestions.

  250. Dear doctor, my 12 month old baby boy is having nasal blockage alongwith runny nose and coughs sometime. He is unable to sleep properly from last 1 month and now even do not wants to eat properly. He cries throughout the day and night and shievers sometimes also. He is 12 months now but still unable to sit by his own. I am feeling really helpless……

    Sir, He had high fever last week and doctor gave Augpen drops antibiotic alongwith Dolo drops and Asthalin. Previosly on visit, doctor asked for x ray and said that my baby has enlarged adenoid and gave respizen nasal spray, nasivion mini and rinosolvin syrup.
    Now, my baby feel relief only if i use nasivion mini, nasivion saline drops are no more effective to him.

    Please suggest what should i do for my child to get relief.

  251. Dr. My 3 year son has enlarged adenoid. Snoring, difficulty in breathing, open mouth breather, frequent coughing, thick discharge from nose.
    Pl help.

  252. Hi! My daughter is 5 yrs old and has enlarged tonsils. I am assuming her adenoids too as she sleeps with her mouth open, very interupted sleep, had strep throat at least 4-6 times in about 2 yrs time along with recurring ear infections! She has been on a few types of antibiotics about 12-14 times in the 2 yrs also nasal spray and allergy medicine.
    She has been to ENT’s her pediatrician and her ENT recommend removing both adenoids and tonsils with possible tubes. Anything I can do to make her sleeping more comfortable other than raising pillows and humidifier? Her breath also smells of the mucus. What can I do?

  253. Hello doc my son name is Anirudh he is 7 years old. He has this issues which I researched on net called andinoid where he sleeps opening his mouth. He is thin and always has the issues of cold with chest congestion. He is very very active kind of sporty guy but has the tendency of eating sweet lot. He bites his nails, chew zip on the winter jacket when he puts or in simple words he has the habit to chew any thing. I live in Dubai n here the homeopathy is as expensive to consult a doctor. I would request u if u could prescribe me only 1 medicine or 2 which I could give him continuously that would be a very help full.

  254. Sir .
    My chaild is sufaring from adinoids.he sufering frequently cold nodal blocking he wont get proper sleep .we conselt ENT he guid us best treatment is surgery but chaild age is onley 4 years we are afriding please give me sugestions how we will fase this problem.
    Thanking you sir

  255. Good morning Sir , My son is 3.4 months and has severe breathing problem due to enlarged adenoids . Allupethy has suggested surgery , since the kid is too small we want to avoid any kind of surgery. We are right now giving him aryuvedic cough syrups but the condition is not improving and also have seen itchy ears simptoms with mild fever. We have also given him Atim tart 200 of homeopathy but no noticible results. Please advise the right decision .

  256. hi doctor my son 7yrs old ,his problem is enlarge adenoid .sleeping time very bad breathing,suffering obesity and bp.also please give me advice

  257. Shweta jain says:

    Hello sir

    My son has enlarge adenoids which has been diagnosed last year.
    I am taking his treatment in homeopathy .
    Medicine name is “ADENOIDS”.
    I want to know in how much time it become normal size.

    Thnx & regards
    Shweta Jain

  258. Hi,
    My 6 year old daughter is suffering from nose block ,breathing through mouth, dry lips,some times dry cough in early morning. Not coming down from couple of months. Could you please suggest homeopathic treatment. Please refer any homeopathic doctor in Bangalore for the same.

  259. Ubong Thompson says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,My son is 7 years old and has been severely disturbed with blocked nose,snoring ,rattling, mouth brething since age one till now.antibiotics has been used but without result.kindly,advise on the proper medicine.

  260. Hi Dr Sharma sir my daughter 5 years old last one year in the winter sesson only she is suffering with nassel block and shooting recently I met ent doctor they perform x ray they r telling adenoid problems for that they r telling surgery is required is it really required surgery we don’t want to go surgery plz advise better suggestion sir I heard by growing age it will cure is it true. in hemeotheray or ayrvadam which is best plz suggest I am in Hyderabad kukatpally any homeopathy dactor

  261. Sarvesh raskar says:

    My 5 years son is suffering from both adenoids and tonsils.plz suggest us medicines.we live in may also recommend us d name of doctor in pune whom we can visit.thanks

  262. Hello Dr. Sharma my son is 4years old, last yer he has too much coughing, alopathy treatment has given for 3to4months but inhaler budecortof 100mg still continuefrom june, but now he has too much itching and redness on skin Dr. Says he has atopic dermatitis his ig serum test has value 200.whether homeopathy cure my child

    • Hello Dr. Sharma my son is 4years old, last yer he has too much coughing, alopathy treatment has given for 3to4months but inhaler budecortof 100mg still continuefrom june, but now he has too much itching and redness on skin Dr. Says he has atopic dermatitis his ig serum test has value 200.whether homeopathy cure my child

    • My son too had this problem
      there is a tree named as kait
      I bathed my son with its leavez and he is totally cured

  263. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Good day
    My Child is suffering from Cold and cough for a while now with enlarged adenoids. Her Pediatrician has suggested Rhinase nasal drops for a month. Her breathing is bad while sleeping with heavy snoring and nose block.
    Can you advice Homeopathic medicine and whether I need to take her to a specialist or i can buy the medicine from over-the counter
    Truly appreciate your advice and recommendations.

  264. Ali waris khan says:

    My son is suffering from inlarge adenoids Dr prescribed x,Ray and his report is soft tissue opacity is seen in nasphrynax area. So please sir I don’t want to go with surgery. Treat my son plz tell me how can I use homeopathy medicine

  265. my son was diagnosed of adenoids and I don’t want him to go through surgery because he is just 2years old.please Dr sharma how can I get the bartya carb or agraphis nutans for him .
    well am a Nigerian and no Indian mart .please help me.

  266. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have a daughter who use to get lot of tonsils with pus and swollen adenoids, and ear infection when she was small. She underwent Adenoids removal operation when she was 9 or 10 years. Now she is 18 years. She has the following symptoms:
    1. Still catches cold very often and congestion is generally along with high fever and severe headache and nausea feeling which stays for many days (15-20 days)
    2. During this time her lower lip seems somewhat swollen. At night while sleeping can hear rattling sound with phlem, and breaths through mouth.
    3. She has very strong liking to have food with lots of lemon in it.
    4. She feels nausea when travels in Cars specially with windows closed and AC on. Prefers open windows while traveling.
    5. Has liking for oily and chilly foods, though I avoid these at home.
    6. Recently (in October) she got severe acidity problem with nausea and headache which lasted for 2 weeks.

    She also has another problem which developed when she was 15-16 years old:
    6. When she sits for long time for studies she get uneasy (slight painful) feeling in her joints. When she stretches and deliberately bends her joints she gets crackling sound and then feels relieved in those joints. To avoid this she tries to exercise (run or swim) regularly which helps to keep this problem minimal but it aggravates when she has to study a lot during exams and cannot exercise.

  267. Shelly prabhakar says:

    My son is 4 years old and facing a problem of swollen adenoids with all the symptoms like mouth breathing tonsilis, ear pain, frequently suffering from cold at weather changing , nasal blockage ,snoring on n on…. since he was 1.5 year old. Recently I visited to ENT specialist he told me to wait for a year if he improves then it’s ok otherwise he’ll go thru surgery
    Sir I’m really worried I don’t want surgery please help me out to find the best medicine for my boy.
    Thank you

  268. Hello. My almost 5 year old has been a nasal baby forever. She has frequent colds, red sore sometimes pusy throat, blocked nose, redness in her ears, tries to blow her nose but nothing comes out even though at the back of her nose it sounds like something is there to blow out. Sleeps with her mouth open always, wakes during the night cause cant breath through her nose. Doesnt want to sleep early at night hense needs more sleep in the morning. Appetite is not the best. Prefers cold drinks but I dont give them to her. She gets virus fevers often. Prefers socks off. Respiratory colds often. Please help!!!!!

  269. My daughter is facing problem of andeniods . She is facing problem of repeatedly infections in ears with severe pain along with throat pain and severe headache. Please suggest us the treatment. Thanks

  270. R.S.SHANKAR RAJU says:

    Sir my son has adenoid 80% block of nasopharynx in left nostril ent specialist in guntur has advised surgery can we go for homeopathy for curing R.S.S.RAJU

  271. Sir,
    I am suffering white spot,hair loss and white hair.pls sir give me sollution.

  272. Usha Pradeep says:

    Hello Dr, my son is 11 yrs old & suffering from enlarged adenoids & tonsillitis. What combination of tuberculinum & psorinum to be given? What’s the dosage? Pls advice

    • S. Premjt Singh says:

      Dear doctor,
      My daughter is suffering from adenoid she is now 4yr and 1 month old. Please suggest me I need your help.

    • Madhu Kattana says:

      Dear Doctor,

      My son (81/2 years old) has been suffering from Adinoid for the last 4-5 years and the ENT Doctor after taking X-ray had advised to go for a surgery. He gets the problem from the beginning of winter season and also whenever he takes by mistake some cold drinks from somewhere. He is not able to sleep quietly at night and always keeps his mount open to inhale/exhale and his nose is always blocked when the adinoid gets enlarged and/or otherwise. I would request you to kindly advise me at the below-mentioned e-mail ID the appropriate homeopathic medicine.

  273. Hello doctor please I need your help urgently. My six months old baby have been diagnosed with enlarge adenoids by an ENT. Please I do no want her to under go any surgery please which of these drugs can i use and how do I get the drugs. I have tried calling your number but couldn’t get through.

  274. jesam iwara says:

    Dr please help me my son four year i just notice he has tonsillies and again he snore at night very well. Please can your drugs help me .am so worried i dnt want any surgery on my living at abuja where can i get ur drugs.

  275. My daughter gets high fever every six months.we are treating her with homoeopathy medicine for adenoids.
    But her fever does not come down taking homoeopathy .my sister a allopathic doctor advised to start antibiotics to reduce guide.

  276. Hi Doc,

    I live in dubai and my child has been scheduled for an operation to remove the adenoid. As a parent I really don’t want my kid to go through the hustle of an operation and would love to have an alternative. So please help me get the best medicine to replace the surgery and make my son breath normal again.

    Thanks and best regards.

  277. AISHA YAKUBU says:

    hello dr, my daughter has enlarge adenoid that has become persistant, she will2yrs on the 10 dec 2016. Dr where can we gethomeopathy medicine in nigeria, better still how can i get homeopathy medicine.thank you and God bless

  278. Dr. Your advices and details r very appreciated but the potency Never mentioned to starting medication.plese provide a little bit on power or potency also.

  279. Hi Dr. My child is 16months and has adenoid. What medicine will you prescribe for him and where and how can i get this medicine a in lagos Nigeria. The names of this medicines seems strange. Thanks

  280. Hi Dr. I will really love to use some of these medicines for my son but I don’t know them neither do I know how to get them. The names are strange to me, am not sure they are available here in the part of my country in Nigeria. Do we have over the counter medicines that contain them?

  281. My son suffering ear infection problems. In age of 3 months operate lEFT cleftoperation’ from 6 years coming pus from right ear meet doctor mastroids problem but iam very fear operstion please give advice

  282. Sir..have been suffering with big snoring…n breathing problem..recently cheked with ent dr…adinoids found…pls advice medicine for adinoids….ramesh 9116755126

  283. Avnish Kumar says:

    My son 3.9 years old but he Cont speech till dated, he understands all commands, eat itself, understand all thinks and also good lisner. please help me. Avnish 9817897117

  284. my 3 year old son hás enlargrd adenoids and tonsils.
    he breathes very heavily while sleeping.
    he catches cold quite often,though not fever.
    i have tried homeopathic for 5 months but of no use.
    please gùide me.

  285. Rose Aoron says:

    My 4 Year Girl Is Suffering Frm Blockage,she Breath With Her Mouth What Can I Use For Hr

  286. Rose Aoron says:

    Dr, My 4 Year Old Baby Have Blockge In Hr Nose And She Breath Through Hr Mouth Am In Nigeria What Can I Use For Her Help

  287. Preethy Nair says:

    Dear sir,
    My son aged 8years was advised to undergo tonsillectomy as well as adenoidectomy by the ENT specialist.
    I would also want to mention that he has atopic dermatitis and well as severe allergy to non-vegetarian food especially fish. He has a dry skin. Would like to take your advice on what is d best suitable treatment for him….?

  288. v krishnareddy says:

    dear sir,
    Our ENT specialist has advised adenoids surgery for my son.
    He is frequently suffering from ear pain & breathing
    pls suggest me

  289. Sonia bhalla says:

    My son is 4 and half years old.he breathes from his mouth and sleeps with his mouth open.he is prone to cold in changing whether.and he also catches cold easily when exposed to cold air.he has enlarged adenoids.what am really worried is every month he’s having cough and cold n leads to fever too.

  290. 8year old son has undergone laser fr his removal of his enlarged adenoid n ent suggested to remove it through son has ear problems.he listens only when v speak loudly.wat to do know.i m concerned n worried mom.kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine

  291. Hello doctor My daughter is 11years old and she has problem of adenoids .Her speech is also not clear.Sometimes she suffers from ear problem also.She breathes with mouth and saliva also comes out while sleeping. Doctor suggested us surgery of adenoids , tonsils and ears. But we don’t want it.Suggest us what to do.Is there any treatment in Homeopathy for this?

  292. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is now 4 year old, started to have recurrent colds since she turned 2, which causes adenoids to swell with snoring, mouth breathing, interrupted sleep and irritability at night. Used Flonase(steroidal nasal spray), which was suggested by her ENT, symptoms were gone but then came back 2 weeks ago after she caught two colds at the same month, a homeopathic dr. suggested calcarea carbonica 30ch to be diluted in 1/2 cup of water and then give her only 1 tsp. a week for 8 weeks! and said each week make a new solution, but to me it sounds like that’s going to take a long time and I don’t want my child to keep suffering, please send me your suggestion.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Dear Dr. Sharma,

      My Son is 9 Year old , our ENT Dr. diagnose Moderate Enlarge Adenoid through Xray. Our doctor provide 10 days medicine and say if not recover than required surgery. My child not feeling any serious problem but from few days he is not listening low volume voice and taking breath some time from mouth not every time. So kindly suggest either we go for surgery or for any effective solution in homophethy kindly send response and treatment as we do not want to go with surgery.

  293. Arif soneji says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 2 yrs old having problem of adenoids. She is having difficulty in breathing from nose when cold/cough. Breathing from mouth, snoring. She is 12 kgs. PLease suggest good homeopathis medicine to cure this issue & boost immune system.

  294. Elizabeth larsen says:

    Dr. Sharma, my daughter had her tonsils removed due to asymmetrical swelling. She has rapidly gained weight since the procedure. She was 14 (feb 2014) at the time of surgery, and is now 16 (October 2016). She has gained 20 pounds and counting since surgery. She plays two sports and eats VERY well/healthy. Do you have any advice?

  295. Sharon Shlavin says:

    Dr Sharma- My daughter is 4 years old and 2 pediatric ENT’s have suggested adenoid removal with a possibility of the removal of her tonsils. I would like to try some sort of other approach before surgery. Please Help! My daughter has been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. She snores every night and does have nose bleeds as of 3 weeks ago. just about once week. Her first cold and runny nose was when she was 6months old. and after that she would finish her cold and then the next week she would start all over again. doctors thought she was pre asthmatic and she was given inhalers but she just used it for a week and i discontinued it because it gave her a nervous tic. She is a better with her colds now. Recently with her diagnoses of mild sleep apnea doctors want to operate on her and i would like to find another alternative. I need help please.- SHARON

  296. Hi Dr Sharma

    My Son is 3 yrs 9months old .

    He is suffering from enlarged adenoids gland (about 70% closed) and doctors suggested surgery. i’m looking for alternative treatment i.e. homeopathy treatment

    Please advice .


  297. shabana shaikh says:

    Dr sharma. My sister son he is below 3 year he is suffering adenoids from last one year.we show him to each an every Dr.they tell that child immunity will increase then he will be healthy.he was not sleeping in night from one year.only breathing through mouth.always have sinus issue. Same doctor tells that child need surgery of nose.docter for god sake please help they wayyo us.our family is very disturbed because of this child. Thanks

  298. Dr,my baby is 23 months and snores a lot and was diagnosed of adenoid.what natural remedy will you recommend?


    Hi Dr Sharma

    My Son is 11 yrs 3 months old .
    He is suffering from enlarged adenoids gland and doctors suggested surgery. My son is afraid of surgery so i’m looking for alternative treatment i mean to say homeopathy treatment

    Please advice .
    Jagat J Sharma

  300. narayan raykar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    My duaghter is 6 yrs 7 months old .
    She has had a history of ear infections and 3 episodes of Right eardrum rupture .
    She has been on antibiotics very option for ear infections, the most recent being Augmentin two months back.
    Her CT scan has revealed Enlarged Adenoids which has blocked her eustachian tubes.
    This has caused her middle ear to be filled with fluid.

    Please advice .

  301. Hello Doctor, my child is 22months, n she has been having chronic cold n stuffy nose with snoring in sleep right from her birth. Recently, she has been diagnosed with enlarged adenoids. She has lost her appetite and her weight been stagnant to 8.7kgs. though, she is active child but it worry’s me alot about her development n growth. It would be a great relief if you can please help her out off this problem.

    • Hi,

      My child had been operated last year for tonsils and adenoids. However, from last 18 days, he is suffering from ear pain through throat infection. His pain has reduced but the swelling in the ear drums is still there. We have given him many antibiotics too. We went to see a new doctor a few days ago. He asked us to do the xray of adenoids again. Now, after doing the xray, the adenoids are still there a bit not very enlarged but slightly enlarged. In such cases, can my child be cured with homoeopathic medicine and can get rid of ear problems.

      Please advise.

      Ridhima Dua

  302. jithinkrishna says:

    I am a 15 year old boy .I have tonsillitis and I am very upset about it. I noticed a small tubule inside my nose . I think they are adenoids . can you help me ..

  303. Hello dr. My name is feleciabentley I have A7 year old who has attitude problems he recently had surgery about three and a half years ago the problem came back a year later and now the doctor wants to do surgery again I don’t want him to do the surgery again if I don’t have to so if you can please help me with an alternate or right to help him with his adenoids problems also he has sickle cell anemia

    • Hi Dr.Sharma,
      Rebecca is three years and three months old. We just now found out from an ENT doctor by checking X-ray of her side face, back of the nose there is thin on one place.. And suggesting to do adanoid surgery. Help me please reply! Do we have to do the surgery now itself . The doctors are saying when she grows up the face will get front n enlarge nose even teeth will come front ?? Bcoz she’s breathing from mouth.

  304. Bernard Agbayi says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, it’s my pleasure writing you and will be of great relief if you solve my problem. My 3 years old boy has been suffering since he is one of cracking and noisy breathing because of inflammation and infection of the tonsils which is visible when he opens his mouth. I have taken him to different hospitals to no avail and this is not only affecting his breathing but his speech, he can’t speak soundly and this is affecting him in his health and growth, pls what medicine will we administer on him as l don’t want surgery. Thanks, Bernard.

  305. My six year old daughter is a mouth breather, has large tonsils and often has fluid in her ears (but very few ear or throat infections). We have done food sensitivity testing and since eliminating eggs, the fluid in her ears has subsided (we also try to limit dairy and wheat). We follow up with the ENT every four months. We also take her to the chiropractor to help with fluid. The mouth breathing and/or snoring is what concerns me the most. Before we have the adnoid removed I’d like to see if there is anything else we can do to help. She nursed for three years, the breathing through the nose difficulty started near the end prior to turning three (which made nursing difficult). She has only had strep throat once in six years, and has had three , possibly four ear infections in six years. please advise about what I can do to help shrink adnoid. Thank you

  306. A.ESWARAMOORTHY says:

    My four year old boy child is suffering with Hypertrophy of Adeniod as per the X-Ray. I consulted with the Child Dr and he advised to take Ventorlin Syrup, Lasma 4mg, Allegra Syrup, Renzil Tab and Fluticone Spray (Nose) for a week. It is completed. But still the problem is there. Dr advised to take surgery if it is not get cured. When I saw your advice it is found better to take Homeopathy. I need your consultation advice. Suppose I change the medicine from English to Homeopathy whether any side effect take place?.As per your advice I will consult with Homeopathy Dr.My son has cold, cough and breathing problem in the night time. Please give me your advice.
    Thanking You

  307. Olufunmilola says:

    My son of 2.5 years has adenoid characterized by opening of mouth, snoring, delayed growth, lack of appetite, reoccurring ENT problems and sleep apnea. I will like to know which homeopathy medicine can work for him and where in the US or UK I can get it. I live in Nigeria but have access to these two countries.
    My second son of 1 year old is exhibition some symptoms too, they are characterized by recurrent catarrh, opening of mouth, sleep apnea, and snoring.
    I will appreciate your help in getting a natural cure for this as I don’t want my children to be operated on.
    Thank you for your anticipated favorable response.

  308. My Son is 7 yrs old and he breathe from mouth and not from nose while sleeping. I dont know what is the reason but from last 3-4 yrs he is breathing from mouth in nights. Could you please let me know what is the reason and when he will start breathing from nose. He is in 2nd class

  309. Sanjay Chandnani says:

    I am 46 Yrs old, and having sleep Apnea. My Hight is 5’10” & weight is 86KG. In CT scan it is diagnosed that I have enlarged Adenoids & require surgery for the same. So far as per my understanding Adenoids do not persist in Adults. please suggest me Homeopathy treatment for the same. As currently I am Using CPEP Machine with 8.5 Pressure.

  310. plzzzz tell me what should i do for my baby,she is 3 years old and this us 3rd month for her runny nose its not stoping and im v much tens due to her because she cant even breath easily and all the time she take breath from mouth and at night she start snoring her doc tel me that she has adenoid he gave her antibiotic for 14 days but no result i found now im giving her homeopathic med but little bit result i found its my humble request to u that plzzz tel me any best cure for v old runny nose

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